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1EdTech Europe


Together We Power Learner Potential

1EdTech Europe is a united community committed to achieving an open, trusted, and innovative education technology ecosystem that serves the lifelong needs of every learner. Our organisation gives a voice to all edtech suppliers and institutions working to improve educational opportunities and experiences for the greater good.

Europe's Most United Edtech Community

When you join the 1EdTech Europe community, you benefit from ensuring compliance with European regulations,
aligning digital tools to a wide range of pedagogy, and reducing costly implementation time.

Leverage Our Partnerships and Collaborations

1EdTech enables a future-ready digital learning ecosystem and helps guide the next generation of education and learning.

Drive Educational Transformation in Europe

1EdTech offers opportunities to learn and network with academic and technical leaders across Europe and around the globe.

Ensure an Open and Trusted Ecosystem

1EdTech's open standards, reduce costs, offers more purchasing choice, secures data and privacy, and leverages analytics.




Leverage Our Partnerships and Collaborations

Our community advances innovative work across six workstreams, which support four strategic imperatives. These imperatives and workstreams in various combinations help educators and edtech suppliers advance what's happening across the education landscape today while preparing for tomorrow. It's how together we power learner potential.

Imperatives and Workstreams
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Drive Educational Transformation in Europe

1EdTech Europe offers opportunities to learn, share, and network with academic and technical leaders. Our continuous commitment fuels our spirit to meet the growing demands of today's learners and be ready to face what's ahead. 

Technical Work

Participate in project groups and task forces to document European requirements and use cases to shape the future.


Promote the adoption of 1EdTech open standards and how to apply them throughout Europe at conferences and events. 


Work collaboratively with European edtech suppliers and institutions to solve problems and innovate to enhance learning.

Have Questions? We Have Answers

Our experts are here every step of the way to help support your strategic vision of making day-to-day activities easier and more effective for teachers and students. Let's connect. We're happy to help.

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Ensure an Open and Trusted Ecosystem

As an edtech supplier, you inspire your customers to transform teaching and learning. At the same time, institutions seek a wide variety of edtech solutions to create a connected learning environment to meet the needs of every learner.

Together, 1EdTech Europe members make digital learning ecosystems—enabled by open standards—fit and scale from the start. It’s how we reduce costs, create more choices in purchasing, secure data, and leverage analytics.

Get Your Product 1EdTech Certified

1EdTech helps you tap the world's largest economy,
offering edtech suppliers a lifelong education market spanning primary to workforce upskilling.

Comply With European Requirements
Reduce Integration Time 
Stay Current on Trends and Market Insights

Procure 1EdTech Certified Products

1EdTech assists institutions in selecting digital teaching
and learning products aligned with the latest European regulatory and professional mandates.

Improve User Experiences for Students and Teachers
Influence Product Development 
Choose Digital Tools to Fit Your Pedagogy


TrustEd Apps Directory

The go-to hub for effortlessly searching and reviewing digital education products. When institutions shop,
they start at the TrustEd AppsTM Directory. 1EdTech-certified products cut implementation costs and ensure all learning tools and content work together for a more efficient and integrated educational experience.

The Official Listing of 1EdTech Certified Products

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1EdTech Europe Leadership Board 

European-based or European active 1EdTech Contributing members can join the 1EdTech Europe Leadership Board.
Join edtech suppliers, institutions, and national research councils to shape a connected ecosystem in Europe.

Ask Our 1EdTech Europe Program Director How to Join
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Europe Conf

Join us at 1EdTech's annual Europe event to explore the opportunities and
solutions needed to evolve a digital learning ecosystem across all borders.

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Membership Options With You in Mind

Whether you're a start-up launching a new product or a well-established company looking to expand your standards-based learning solutions, 1EdTech has a range of membership packages to meet your needs.

Discover Membership Packages for Global Edtech Suppliers and Institutions
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Contributing Member

Show your leadership in guiding 1EdTech initiatives, technical work, and events while benefiting from expert resources.

Affiliate Member

Access various programs and technical resources to ensure seamless implementation of 1EdTech open standards.

Alliance Member

Get self-service development resources and the ability to certify your products in the specification area of your choice.

Please contact our 1EdTech Europe Program Director for more information.




Competition is important, but it should focus on which tools are best of breed in terms of teaching and learning, not technology. Technology should be a no-brainer, it should just work well in the background, and that’s what open standards allow for.

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Ewoud de Kok
Founder & CEO





FeedbackFruits believes that an open and interoperable edtech ecosystem is an opportunity to put more focus on teaching and learning innovation.

When edtech tools work together without any need for laborious manual configuration, developers and educators can put their energy into developing tools that meet the needs of educators and learners. Focusing on pedagogical needs allows FeedbackFruits to continue to create tools that improve teaching and learning for all.

Discover All of 1EdTech's Open Standards
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One of Moodle’s philosophies is that people are “always learning.” To help those life-long learners tell their stories and share the skills they learn from K-12 to higher education and throughout their careers, the learning platform leverages 1EdTech’s Badge Connect certification.

The certification helps to ensure learners have autonomy over their own credentials and can more easily share those accomplishments across various learning and badge platforms.



Moodle logo



Student mobility is growing as they look for opportunities to develop themselves in a more personalized way. Working with standards that share information across institutions, regardless of where in the world the institution is, gives those learners more opportunities to develop themselves, and we need to give them those opportunities.

Photo of User
Christien Bok




SURF, the collaborative organization for IT in Dutch education and research, sees a 1EdTech membership as a way to extend its work worldwide.

Working with standards opens up access and clear communications between various digital ecosystems, whether they be research institutions across the Netherlands, Europe, or the world, the technology works together.

Taking away that one barrier opens up new opportunities for putting learner needs in the center of all they do.

Scalable Solutions in European Ecosystems
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