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K-12 Playbook

Created by 1EdTech K-12 members, these resources are intended to help districts of all sizes shorten the learning curve around the adoption of 1EdTech interoperability standards and accelerate your move to a fully integrated digital learning ecosystem.


The K-12 Playbook is organized so you can easily get the support and resources you need to ensure successful implementation at any stage in your district's digital transformation.


Build equity with a trusted, seamless plug-and-play digital ecosystem.


Increase equity with personalized learning and build learner agency with actionable data.


Add equity by recognizing mastery, tracking competencies, and providing flexible pathways.

Let's Get Ready

Build Your Foundation


  • OneRoster for Educators (presentation): This presentation is intended to give an introduction to OneRoster® 1.1 for those with little or no technical background. 

  • LTI for Educators (presentation): This presentation is intended to give an introduction to Learning Tools Interoperability® (LTI®) for those with little or no technical background.

  • OneRoster FAQ: This guide highlights all aspects of OneRoster, including planning, data governance, implementation, and user roles.  

User Stories


Enhance Teaching & Learning


  • OneRoster & LTI Advantage: Understand how the 1EdTech OneRoster and LTI Advantage standards together will help your district build a more effective digital learning ecosystem.

  • Caliper Analytics v1.1 Profiles: Caliper Analytics® defines a number of metric profiles, each of which models a learning activity or a supporting activity that helps facilitate learning. These profiles will help you understand the ways in which Caliper may be used.

  • LTI Resource Search Checklist and RFP Language: This guide provides specific language for requesting products that are 1EdTech certified in the 1EdTech LTI Resource Search standard.

  • QTI Specification Documents: Question and Test Interoperability® (QTI®) enables the exchange of item and test content and results data between authoring tools, item banks, test construction tools, learning platforms, assessment delivery systems, and scoring/analytics engines.

  • APIP Specification Documents: Accessible Portable Item Protocol® (APIP®) provides assessment programs and question item developers with a data model for standardizing the interchange file format for digital test items.

  • 1EdTech Caliper Analytics Best Practice Guide: Guidelines that represent the most efficient course of Caliper Analytics implementation.  


Recognize Learner Achievement


User Stories

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