Welcome to the 1EdTech Foundation

What is 1EdTech?

1EdTech is a business ecosystem that has at its foundation trusted educational technology products and trusted interoperable connections that enable high return on digital learning for school districts, higher education institutions, and corporations. The 1EdTech ecosystem spans the multitude of product-specific or institution-specific ecosystems.

1EdTech is also the abbreviated name for the 1EdTech Foundation, a public charity sponsored by foundations, institutions, and corporations that believe in our unique cause: the need for an ecosystem of products that work together to enable better digital learning experiences that span across all institutions and suppliers.

Why 1EdTech Now?

The “Internet of Digital Learning Applications and Platforms” is rapidly evolving. But very few applications work seamlessly together for the needs of teachers and students. However, internet connectivity, social platforms, and commercial internet platforms have failed the “trust test” for the safety and control of user data needed for education. 1EdTech is a research and development collaborative that is funding the “connective tissue” needed on top of the internet to enable trust, innovation, and seamless connections between educational platforms and applications.

How Does 1EdTech Provide Collaboration and Developed Resources?

One organization, the IMS Global Learning Consortium, has become the largest global innovation collaboration across all education sectors. IMS is a non-profit membership organization that has succeeded in developing an ecosystem of innovative products that can connect seamlessly through trusted connections using IMS open standards, which are free to access and use. IMS Global manages the development and deployment of 1EdTech technologies and research. IMS has many membership options for all types and sizes of organizations for those that may be interested in joining the collaboration. 

How Does My Organization Become a 1EdTech Foundation Sponsor?

Please contact us by filling out the 1EdTech inquiry web form below.