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Imperatives and Workstreams


How We Power Learner Potential Now and Into the Future

Our united 1EdTech community is committed to building an open, trusted, and innovative digital learning ecosystem at every level. This global effort is guided by our four strategic leadership imperatives and carried out by our six workstreams.

These imperatives and workstreams in various combinations help educators and edtech suppliers advance what's happening across the education landscape today while preparing for tomorrow. It's how together we power learner potential.


Four Leadership Imperatives

  • We achieve digital learning experiences that rise above the norm, support learner personalization with usable insights, and share achievements.

Six Workstreams

  • We create a secure, scalable, and best-in-class digital learning ecosystem to serve the needs of all learners.

Open & Trusted Ecosystem

  • We connect your entire ecosystem with open plug-and-play integrations to save valuable time and resources.





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Leadership Imperatives

The idea behind our leadership imperatives is not just about educational technology, it's about what our 1EdTech community is doing with that technology. These four imperatives establish the foundation to enable a future-ready digital learning ecosystem and help guide the next generation of education and learning.

Transformative Digital Learning

Achieve a responsive, innovative, and trusted ecosystem

Personalized Learner Journeys

Give learners and faculty a foundation of choice and personalization

Achievement, Opportunity, and Employment

Help learners capture and share achievements for a lifetime of opportunities

Learner Success, Retention, and Outcomes

Ensure your ecosystem provides usable insights and reliable data



Unlock the unlimited possibilities with 1EdTech’s six key workstreams. These collaborative initiatives and programs are driven by our community and offer engagement opportunities, resources, and support to help shape education worldwide.

TrustEd Apps Vetting

Guide institutions and edtech suppliers toward secure data use, collection, and sharing


Learning Platforms, Apps, and Tools

Achieve an innovative, agile and scalable edtech ecosystem for teaching and learning excellence

Curriculum Innovation and Teaching Strategies

Deploy a more comprehensive set of best-in-class digital resources for more engaged learning

Integrated Assessment

Deliver on redesigning equitable assessment to improve progress and personalization

Learning Data and Analytics

Inform decisions with data and powerful insights across your digital ecosystem

Digital Credentials

Recognize, capture, and verify achievement and skills to enable opportunity for all learners




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Most people don’t realize how complicated it can be to integrate different platforms.

As a result of 1EdTech interoperability standards, data can be shared more easily and securely, providing our district more control over the data.

Students and teachers benefit from single sign-on to the tools and resources being used in the classroom.

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Kenneth Wright
Technology Director
Burke County Board of Education


Our community of K-12, higher education, and edtech suppliers know how to use their expertise to develop and leverage 1EdTech's imperatives and workstreams to pave the way for an open, trusted, and innovative edtech ecosystem. 




1EdTech brings value by having all parties at the table. It’s a place for vendors and educators to come together and meet in a space that isn’t a sales or support call. We make sure we have the right requirements, vendors can express potential difficulties, and in the end, they get more marketable products, and we get better tools.

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Todd Van Zandt
Manager of Teaching & Learning Technology Services
University of California System

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1Edtech is the world’s most effective educational technology community. Our passion is making day-to-day activities easier and more impactful for teachers and learners, connecting everyone to the best digital learning experiences imaginable.


Learning Data







The knowledge that the 1EdTech community brings together is like no other.

It is the only organization that’s managed to get market competitors to work together, along with school districts and institutions of higher education, toward a common goal of open standards integration.

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Mr. Tim Beekman
President & Co-Founder, SAFARI Montage
SAFARI Montage


Together, We Go Forward Faster


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