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About 1EdTech


Together We Power Learner Potential 

1EdTech is a united community committed to achieving an open, trusted, and innovative education technology ecosystem that serves the lifelong needs of every learner. Our organization gives a voice to all stakeholders working to improve educational opportunities and experiences for the greater good.

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Our Mission

1EdTech's mission is to power learner potential by fostering the evolution of an open, trusted, innovative education technology and digital credentials ecosystem. We provide the leadership and collaboration needed to shape the future of education. Through community-developed open standards, we enable digital learning connectivity, data insights, and improved product choice. We establish trust and transparency in edtech partnerships through community-governed certification programs that verify stringent requirements for product integrations, data privacy, and accessibility. We accelerate the adoption of new technologies that advance digital learning to meet the evolving needs of educators and learners.


Our Vision

Improve learning impact by making day-to-day activities easier and more effective for teachers and students, connecting every learner to the best digital learning experiences imaginable, and establishing a trusted foundation for secure, accessible, and insightful learning environments.



Leverage Our Partnerships and Collaborations

Our community advances innovative work across six workstreams, which support four strategic imperatives. These imperatives and workstreams in various combinations help educators and edtech suppliers advance what's happening across the education landscape today while preparing for tomorrow. It's how together we power learner potential.

Imperatives and Workstreams
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1EdTech Community Events and Activities

1EdTech offers opportunities to learn, share, and network with academic and technical leaders. Our continuous commitment fuels our spirit to meet the growing demands of today's learners and be ready to face what's ahead. 

1EdTech Conferences

Keep ahead of the curve by attending and sponsoring various 1EdTech in-person events around the globe.

Member Meetings

Roll-up your sleeves with other 1EdTech members on projects with clear milestones and deliverables.

1EdTech at Events

See and gain valuable insights from our 1EdTech experts and members leading discussions and workshops.


Advance Your Strategy and the Greater Good
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1EdTech Product and Professional Certification

Our passion is making day-to-day activities easier and more impactful for educators, administrators, and learners by connecting everyone to the best digital learning experiences imaginable. 1EdTech certification covers all others!

Get Your Products 1EdTech Certified

The fastest and most cost-effective way to achieve product integrations.

TrustEd Apps Directory

The official listing of products that have achieved 1EdTech interoperability certification.

Get Your Professional Certification

Leaders stay ahead of what's next with the TrustEd Apps Certified Leader (TACL) Series.

Procure 1EdTech Certified Products

Helpful resources for leaders and procurement officers to know what to include in RFPs.




We're Always Happy to Help

We'd love to connect and learn how your goals can contribute to our community. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about 1EdTech certifications, membership levels, or participating in upcoming events.

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Recognizing Excellence in Powering Learner Potential

1EdTech's recognition and awards programs highlight outstanding organizations, individuals, and collaborations leveraging innovative edtech solutions and open standards to drive digital transformation.

Power Learner Potential Organization Award

Celebrating pioneering companies driving innovation to empower learners through cutting-edge technologies.

Individual Leadership Awards

Honoring those who have gone above and beyond to contribute and promote initiatives to improve digital teaching and learning.



Learning Impact Awards

Recognizing outstanding, innovative applications of educational technology that address the most significant challenges facing education.


Wait. You're Not a 1EdTech Member? 

When you join 1EdTech, you'll collaborate with the brightest minds in education and technology. Whether as a Contributing, Affiliate, or Alliance member, our determination to improve education makes a difference around the globe.

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Our Evolution From IMS Global to 1EdTech

In 2022, the IMS Global Learning Consortium underwent a transformative evolution, giving rise to 1EdTech. Drawing inspiration from our member organizations, the 1EdTech brand propels forward a remarkable 20+ year legacy of IMS Global, accelerating open standards and innovation across learning environments, digital curriculum, assessment, insightful data, and digital credentials.

What Is Significant About the New 1EdTech Brand?
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1EdTech Foundation logo


1EdTech generously sponsors the 1EdTech Foundation, providing vital financial and resource assistance to facilitate the management, development, and deployment of the foundation's projects. As a public charity, the 1EdTech Foundation empowers learners by fostering an innovative educational technology ecosystem.

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