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Multiply the Impact of your Digital Ecosystem with 1EdTech


Edtech products working together to meet the needs of districts, teachers, and students should not be difficult-it should be the expectation. After all, it’s your ecosystem, and your edtech suppliers should play by your rules.

Most districts and states find it challenging to navigate among all the alternatives.

  • A proprietary ecosystem centered on a single supplier’s approach to integration that limits your choices and puts your digital future at risk

  • A fragile ecosystem of custom integrations using product-specific APIs that require ongoing innovation and costly upgrades

  • Claims of data standards implementations that have not been validated as plug-and-play across multiple products, meaning you are still getting custom integrations

Enter a radically different approach from 1EdTech Consortium. We help you create your digital ecosystem with assistance from the world’s largest edtech collaboration focused on plug-and-play integrations using proven, verifiable open-standards that work seamlessly across hundreds of products. 1EdTech provides the support and guidance that saves you time, money, and resources now and into the future with a trusted, secure, community-backed ecosystem designed to adjust to the needs of your district.


As your district prepares for another school year, 1EdTech has the resources to support you in building a digital ecosystem with innovative models that work for every learner. Using the standards together provides the infrastructure to simplify IT and administrative processes, ensure instructional resources are in the hands of teachers and students on day one, and dramatically improve the student experience with rich and engaging digital resources.





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