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About 1EdTech K-12


It’s All About Collaboration, Engagement, and Solutions

1EdTech members are working together to make interoperability enabled by open standards the center of your edtech ecosystem. It’s how leading school districts and states increase engagement, personalize learning, secure student privacy, and leverage the power of learning analytics.


Let's Go Forward Faster

Our 1EdTech community is a global network of educational trailblazers like yourself. We deliver the leadership, open standards, and trusted resources needed to help you realize breakthrough instructional and program strategies.

The TrustEd Apps Program

Edtech you can trust to be easy, meaningful, and safe from the start.

Resources and Support

Implementation and best practice materials to help you get the job done.



Community Events

Connect, share, and learn with your peers to shape the future.



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Edtech You Can Trust to Be Easy, Meaningful, and Safe

As a community, 1EdTech aims to support teaching and learning in all educational environments. We know educators need tools and systems that can evolve along with their ever-changing challenges. The TrustEd AppsTM Program helps you build an open, trusted, and innovative digital learning ecosystem at every level.

Now, 1EdTech offers the TrustEd Apps Program made up of four components: TrustEd Apps Pledge, TrustEd Apps Product Vetting & Certification, TrustEd Apps Management Suite, and the TrustEd Apps Certified Leader Program.

TrustEd Apps Pledge

Make open standards the first choice for plug-and-play integrations.

TrustEd Apps Vetting and Certification

Streamline, scale, and secure your digital ecosystem.

TrustEd Apps Management Suite

 Curated edtech apps validated for privacy and integration.



TrustEd Apps Certified Leader Program

Become a pro at implementing 1EdTech open standards. 

Resources and Support

Let our 1EdTech K-12 team assist you in implementing and procuring a plug-and-play architecture that enables the rapid deployment and seamless integration of edtech products. Together we can make day-to-day activities easier and more effective for everyone and connect learners to the best digital learning experiences imaginable.

Procure 1EdTech Certified Products
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1EdTech Community Events and Activities

1EdTech events are opportunities to learn, share, and network with academic and technical leaders. Our continuous commitment fuels our spirit to meet the growing demands of today's learners and be ready to face tomorrow. 

In-Person Conferences

Keep ahead of the curve by attending and sponsoring various 1EdTech in-person events across the country and the globe.

Member Meetings

Innovation Leadership Networks

General K-12 Member Meetings

Product Steering Committees

Member Support

Become a pro at implementing 1EdTech open standards with the TrustEd Apps Certified Leader (TACL) series.


Advance Your Strategy and the Greater Good
Member Benefits



We're Always Happy to Help

As an educational leader, you’re tasked with transforming a wide variety of edtech software tools, curriculum resources, and applications into a data-rich learning ecosystem that shows ROI. We know it’s a heavy lift. Please don't hesitate to reach out.

Have Questions? We Have Answers.
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Leverage Our Partnerships and Collaborations

Our community advances innovative work across six workstreams, which support four strategic imperatives. These imperatives and workstreams in various combinations help educators and edtech suppliers advance what's happening across the education landscape today while preparing for tomorrow. It's how together we power learner potential.

Imperatives and Workstreams
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Wait. You're Not a 1EdTech Member?

Whether you're an individual school, district, or state department of education, all learners need edtech that can evolve along with the ever-changing challenges they face today and tomorrow. 1EdTech K-12 members are at the forefront of enabling equitable learning, boosting achievement, and opening the doors to a wider variety of opportunities.

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