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1EdTech is Global

1EdTech Europe

1EdTech Europe members are full members of the global community as well as participating in projects and working groups with a European focus. The open and trusted ecosystem enabled by 1EdTech standards aligns with European public values. The EU single market and emphasis on cross-border education makes the region a useful testbed for new developments such as piloting the Edu-API standard. 1EdTech also works with government bodies to create supported profiles of 1EdTech standards where needed to meet national requirements.


1EdTech Japan Society

In April 2016, 1EdTech announced the formation of the 1EdTech Japan Society (“1EdTech Japan” or "1EdTech-JS") as a non-profit organization. Today there are over 30 organizations that have joined 1EdTech-JS. 1EdTech-JS provides leadership in the regional e-learning, publishing, and education sectors to further the development and adoption of 1EdTech open standards. 1EdTech-JS is actively collaborating with 1EdTech to provide support to Japanese organizations and individuals seeking to benefit from the open ecosystem of interoperable products enabled by 1EdTech standards. This collaboration includes a certification program for individuals in the use of 1EdTech standards, 1EdTech-JS workgroups, bootcamps, and annual meetings in Tokyo and elsewhere.  Learn more.

View the 1EdTech Japan Society website.


1EdTech MENA (Middle East and North Africa)

In February 2022, 1EdTech and the National eLearning Center (NELC) of Saudi Arabia today signed a memorandum of understanding to partner on the launch of 1EdTech MENA. 1EdTech MENA will be managed by NELC with full support from 1EdTech for the purpose of accelerating an interoperable edtech ecosystem to achieve high-quality learning experiences in Saudi Arabia and across the Middle East and North Africa region. Read the press release.


1EdTech in Australia and New Zealand

Australia has been a leader in 1EdTech standards for many years through the Australian Department of Education. In prior years, members from Australia were active participants in developing 1EdTech standards. Unfortunately, this leadership has lapsed as the National Schools Interoperability Program (NSIP) has taken over educational standards in Australia. In 2019, the New South Wales Department of Education joined 1EdTech as a Contributing Member and memberships continue to grow among leading suppliers. However, 1EdTech standards, including Content Packaging, LTI, and QTI are still used widely in Australia. New Zealand has been an active contributor to 1EdTech standards development and adoption for many years. The New Zealand Ministry of Education is currently an 1EdTech Contributing Member.


1EdTech Korea

In April 2007, 1EdTech and KERIS (Korea Education and Research Information Service) signed a memorandum of understanding to form 1EdTech Korea. 1EdTech Korea provides regional leadership of the development and adoption of 1EdTech standards, as well as formal liaison with the 1EdTech community. 1EdTech Korea has been involved in many 1EdTech technical areas including Content Packaging, Common Cartridge, Learning Tools Interoperability, Question and Test Interoperability, Access for All, and Caliper Analytics. 

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