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Caliper Analytics enables institutions to collect learning data from digital resources to understand better and visualize learning activity and product usage data and present this information to students, instructors, and advisors in meaningful ways.


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The Benefits of Caliper Analytics

  • Answer those seeking more accountability with measures of learning activity in addition to learning outcomes.
  • See which behaviors and content consistently produce the desired learning outcomes.
  • Compare the effectiveness of different content or interaction types.
  • Arm early warning systems and establish predictive measures.
  • Personalize curriculum in real time based on student patterns.




Technical Overview

Since many curriculums ask students to work in multiple learning environments, there is a widespread need for data that can be consolidated for a single view or cross-provider analysis.  

The Caliper Framework:

  • Establishes a means for consistently capturing and presenting measures of learning activity, which will enable more efficient development of learning analytics features in learning environments
  • Defines a common language for labeling learning data, which will set the stage for an ecosystem of higher-order applications of learning analytics
  • Provides a standard way of measuring learning activities and effectiveness, which will enable designers and providers of curriculum to measure, compare, and improve the quality
  • Leverages data science methods, standards, and technologies
  • Builds upon existing 1EdTech open standards
  • Provides best practice recommendations for transport mechanisms

Caliper Profiles

Caliper defines a number of metric profiles, each of which models a learning activity or a supporting activity that helps facilitate learning. Each profile provides a domain-specific set of terms and concepts that application designers and developers can draw upon to describe common user interactions in a consistent manner using a shared vocabulary. Annotating a reading, playing a video, taking a test, or grading an assignment submission represent a few examples of the many activities or events that Caliper's metric profiles attempt to describe. Caliper profiles include:

Caliper Profiles

  • Annotation Profile
  • Assessment Profile
  • Assignable Profile
  • Forum Profile
  • Grading Profile
  • Media Profile
  • Reading Profile
  • Session Profile
  • Tool Use Profile
  • Basic Profile
  • Feedback Profile
  • Resource Mgmt Profile
  • Search Profile
  • Survey Profile
  • Tool Launch Profile
  • Library Profile




Get Started

Start implementing Caliper using the materials below.

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