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Leadership Awards

Leadership Awards

At the Learning Impact conference, 1EdTech members who have gone above and beyond displaying leadership are honored. These individuals and organizations work hard to promote our work, contribute significantly to developing 1EdTech standards, and provide benefits for members and supporters to enable the future of education by collaborating on major initiatives to improve digital teaching and learning. It is with sincere gratitude that we thank these individuals and organizations for their extraordinary effort.

William H. (Bill) Graves Leadership Award

The William H. (Bill) Graves Leadership Award is granted to individuals who have made an extraordinary difference in realizing the mission of the 1EdTech. The award is named after one of the founders and eventual Board chair, Dr. William H. (Bill) Graves. Bill Graves and his work had a profound impact, not just on our community but also on many successful organizations that he founded and touched. The Bill Graves Leadership Award is recognition for going well above and beyond—and it is not necessarily an endpoint in terms of contributions to the mission.


2020 — Gary Driscoll, Senior Strategic Advisor, ETS

2019 — Bruce Maas, Emeritus CIO and Vice Provost for Information Technology, and Honorary Fellow School of Information, University of Wisconsin-Madison

2018 — Beatriz Arnillas, Senior Educational Advisor, itslearning (formerly the director of education technology at Houston Independent School District) and Lenny Schad, Chief Technology Information Officer, Houston Independent School District

2017 — Dr. Charles Severance, University of Michigan School of Information

2016 — Tim Beekman, SAFARI Montage


Lifetime Achievement Awards

Lisa Mattson, 1EdTech
Tricia Kennedy, Gwinnett Country Public Schools
John Tibbetts, VitalSource Technology
William Graves, Ellucian
Ray Henderson, Blackboard
Carole Barone, EDUCAUSE
David Ernst, University of California
Neil McLean, DEST - Australia



Technical Excellence Awards

The 1EdTech Technical Excellence award, established in 2019, is given to an individual with significant and sustained participation in our technical work to create and publish a 1EdTech standard. Contributions include authoring and reviewing the specifications, developing reference implementations, and providing a cross-specification perspective.


2022 — Padraig O’hiceadha, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt; Linda Feng, Unicon; Claude Vervoort, Cengage

2019 — Viktor Haag, D2L


Staff 10 Years Service Award

Rob Abel
Tracy Fandel
Mark McKell
Lisa Mattson
Colin Smythe


Leadership Award Recipients

2022 - 2020 - 2019 - 2018 - 2017 - 2016 - 2015 - 2014 - 2013 - 2012 - 2011 - 2010 - 2009 - 2008 - 2007


2022 Leadership Awards

Assessment: QTI 3.0 and PCI
Arjan Aarnink, CITO
Paul Grudnitski,
Christophe Noel, OAT

Competencies and Academic Standards Exchange (CASE)
Ed Jung, LearningMate

Comprehensive Learner Record (CLR)
Tom Green, Salesforce
Mark McConahay, AACRAO
Marty Reed, RANDA Solutions
Brent Capriotti, Western Governors University

LTI and LTI Advantage
Maggie Sazio, D2L
Peter Franza, 42 Lines

Open Badges
Justin Pitcher, Anthology

Higher Education Leadership
Avi Hyman, University of Toronto
Vince Kellen,  UC San Diego
Andy Fisher, Penn State 
Sherri Braxton, Bowdoin College
Kim Moore, Wichita State University

K-12 and State Leadership
Eva MjØvik, UDIR
Sindre Gusfre Berge, UDIR
Jeff McCoy, Greenville County Schools
Ken Dirkin, Michigan Virtual
Tracy Korsmo, North Dakota Information Technology Department
Brianna Creed, Maryland State Department of Education
Emily Bell, Fulton County Schools
Angela Ingram, Georgia Department of Education
Jill Hobson, Gainesville City Schools



2020 Leadership Award Recipients

Caliper Analytics
Viktor Haag, D2L

Comprehensive Learner Record
Ozgur Yogurtcu, AEFIS

LTI and LTI Advantage
Wade Weichel, Blackboard

OneRoster and Assessment Results Profile
Matthew Richards, Infinite Campus

QTI 3.0
Paul Grudnitski, Pearson
Thomas Hoffmann, OAT
Justin Marks, NWEA
Mark Molenaar, OAT
Padraig O'hiceadha, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

Ecosystem Support
Mustafa Sualp, AEFIS

Higher Education Leadership
Kelly Hermann, University of Phoenix
Kelvin Thompson, University of Central Florida
Francisca Yonekura, University of Central Florida

K-12 and State Leadership
Colet Bartow, Montana Office of Public Instruction
Brian Blanton, Henry County Schools
Steve Buettner, Edina Public Schools
Dan Gohl, Broward County Public Schools
Jeanne Imbriale, Baltimore County Public Schools
Lily McDonagh, Chicago Public Schools

2019 Leadership Award Recipients

Competencies and Academic Standards Exchange (CASE)
Brandon Dorman - ACT
Jared Booth - Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

Digital Credentials
Justin Pitcher - Campus Labs

Edu-API Task Force
Linda Feng - Unicon

OneRoster and Results Management Leadership
Barry Brahier - Infinite Campus

LTI Advantage Contributors (Suppliers)
Viktor Haag - D2L
Martin Lenord - TurnItIn
Karl Lloyd - Instructure
Nathan Mills - Instructure
Marc Philips - Instructure
Eric Preston - Blackboard
Claude Vervoort - Cengage
Wade Weichel - Blackboard

Higher Education Leadership
Michael Berman - California State University, Office of the Chancellor
Andrew Gardener - University of British Columbia
Matthew Hailstone - Brigham Young University
Jared Kosanovic - University of Wisconsin—Madison
Jack Suess - University of Maryland, Baltimore County

K-12 and State Leadership
Kyle Berger - Grapevine-Colleyville ISD
Rich Copeland - Georgia Virtual School (GaDOE)
Ryan Gravette - Idaho Digital Learning
Dan Ralyea - South Carolina Department of Education
Darlene Rankin - Katy ISD

LTI Advantage Contributors (Institutions)
Tony Anderson - Penn State University
David Goodrum - Oregon State University
Kristen Lytle - Penn State University
Terry O'Heron - Penn State University
Renee Pfeifer-Luckett - University of Wisconsin System Administration
Marianne Schroeder - University of British Columbia

2018 Leadership Award Recipients

Open Badges
Nate Otto - Concentric Sky
Alex Hripak - Credly
Justin Pitcher - Chalk & Wire

Comprehensive Learner Record 
Bryan Smith - Learning Objects

Learning Tools Interoperability 
Claude Vervoort - Cengage Learning
Karl Lloyd - Instructure
Nathan Mills - Instructure
Eric Preston - Blackboard
Viktor Haag - D2L

Caliper Analytics
Anthony Whyte - University of Michigan

State Assessment
Dale Cornelius 

Executive Board on Assessment
Gui Tejeda - New York Department of Education

Oxana Jurosevic - Instructure
Competencies and Academic Standards Exchange
Joshua Marks - Public Consulting Group
Greg Nadeau - Public Consulting Group
David Ward - Public Consulting Group
Ray Baranowski - SAFARI Montage
Jeff Grann - Capella University
Brandon Dorman - ACT

Other Contributions
Adam Blum - ACT
Keith Osburn - Georgia Department of Education

Leo Brehm - Central Massachusetts Collaborative
Raymond Lee - Fulton County Public Schools
Anne Boothe - Houston Independent School District
Tricia Kennedy - Gwinnett County Public Schools
Barbara Nesbitt - Pickens County Public Schools

Higher Education
Sean DeMonner - University of Michigan
Dale Johnson - Arizona State University
Tom Cavanagh - University of Central Florida
Virginia Lacefield - University of Kentucky

2017 Leadership Award Recipients

Angela Cluer – Formerly with Nelson Education
Christian Vinten-Johanson, Penn State University

Badge Extensions for Education
MJ Bishop, University System of Maryland/UMUC

Caliper Analytics
Viktor Haag, D2L
Lance Sloan, University of Michigan
Sophiann Hayet, eXplorance
Paul Kerschen, UC Berkeley
Mike Aumock, Origami
Anthony Whyte, University of Michigan

Competency Based Education
Jeff Grann, Capella University
Davant Stewart, Houston ISD
Jamey Hynds, Katy ISD

Digital Credentials/Extended Transcripts
Chris Tatem, UMUC
Christopher Houston, Capella University
Bryan Smith, Learning Objects
Deb Everhart, Learning Objects

Mark Molenaar, Open Assessment Technologies

K-12 Institutional Leadership
Darlene Rankin, Katy ISD
Tom Ingram, Escambia County Schools

HED Institutional Leadership 
Oliver Heyer, UC Berkeley
Shea Silverman, University of Central Florida 

Vijay Dhanaraj, Classlink
Marc Sheftel, Pearson
Padraig O’hiceadha, HMH

Learning Tools Interoperability
Nathan Mills, Instructure
Jim Walkoski, D2L
Claude Vervoort, Cengage

Quarterly Meeting Hosts
Michael Cruz, UMUC – February 2016
Thor Anderson, Utah Valley University – August 2016
Lou Pugliese, Arizona State University – November 2016

Linda Feng, Unicon
Melissa Loble, Instructure
John Whitmer, Blackboard

Association Collaboration
LeiLani Cauthen, The Learning Counsel
Kathleen Ives, Online Learning Consortium

Retiring Board Member
Bruce Maas, University of Wisconsin–Madison

2016 Leadership Award Recipients

Caliper Analytics    
Anthony Whyte – University of Michigan

Caliper Analytics – HED Analytics Group (RAM)
Vince Kellen – University of Kentucky
Phillip Long – University of Texas-Austin
Jenn Stringer – University of California - Berkeley   

PARCC Profile
Chloe Torres - PARCC
Jeffrey Cuff - PARCC
Michelle Richard – Pearson

LTI Simple Search
David Gappa – Safari Montage

1EdTech Europe
Nykne de Boer- College voors Toetsen Examens

Executive Board on Assessment
Marc Oswald –Open-Assessment Technologies

OneRoster / LIS
Stanley Watts - Classlink
Phil Nicholls - Oracle

CBE / Digital Credentials
Jeff Grann- Capella University
Joellen Shendy – University of Maryland, University College
Joel Hernandez - eLumen
Jon Mott – Learning Objects

K-12 Leadership
Tricia Kennedy -Gwinnett County Public Schools
Tom Ingram -Escambia County School District
Beatriz Arnillas, Houston Independent School District
Barbara Nesbitt  - School District of Pickens County

Meeting Hosting
University of Phoenix – Peter Soderquist
University of Wisconsin – Bruce Maas
University of Texas – Phillip Long
University of Texas -  Ken Tothero
Tsuneo Yamada – Open University of Japan
Yong-Sang Cho - KERIS

Association Collaboration
Mindy Frisbee - ISTE
Malcolm Brown  - EDUCAUSE

2015 Leadership Award Recipients

Effective K-12, HED or Government Leadership and Outreach
Karen Vignare, UMUC
George Perreault, Orange County
Tim Beekman, SAFARI Montage
Andy Kuritzky, HMH
Beatriz Arnillas, Houston ISD

LTI Adoption
Jessica Wells, TurnitIn

Open Video
Justin Beck, Kaltura

Accessible Portable Item Protocol Profile Work:
Brandt Redd, Smarter Balanced

QTI/Test Instance:
Nynke De Boer, College voors Toetsen Examens
Mark Molenaar, CITO
Justin Marks, NWEA

Stanley Watts, Classlink

Caliper Analytics:
Chris Vento, Intellify Learning
Prashant Nayak, Intellify Learning
Mary Millar, Elsevier
Anthony Whyte, University of Michigan
Beth Kirschner, University of Michigan
Zhen Qian, University of Michigan
Lance Sloan, University of Michigan
Andy Fisher, Penn State
Vineet Sinha, McGraw-Hill Education
Viktor Haag, D2L
Khaled Hammouda, D2L
Paul Gray, Learning Objects

Privacy Work:
Sean Yo, D2L

Meeting Hosting:
University of Michigan
Florida Virtual School

2014 Leadership Award Recipients

Effective K-12, HED or Government Leadership and Outreach
Malcolm Brown, EDUCAUSE
Jack Suess, UMBC
George Perrault, Orange County Schools
Tim Beekman, SAFARI Montage
Bailey Mitchell, itslearning
Mark Walls, Gwinnett County Schools
Tricia Kennedy, Gwinnett County Schools
Toni Cleveland, HERDI
Mark Armstrong, Oracle
Jill Hobson, Forsyth County Schools
Rick Johnson, Vital Source

LTI v2.0 Work:
Lance Neumann, Blackboard
Greg McFall, Pearson
Charles Severance, University of Michigan
John Tibbetts, Vitalsource

CASA Work:
Rose Rocchio, UCLA
Eric Bollens, UCLA
Liz Pisney,Follett 

Course Planning and Scheduling:
Geoffrey Forster, Scientia

CC/LTI Taskforce:
Claude Vervoort, Cengage Learning
Bracken Mosbacker, Instructure

Learning Tools Interoperability Work:
Lance Neumann, Blackboard
Greg McFall, Pearson

Accessible Portable Item Protocol Work:
Thomas Hoffmann, Measured Progress
Gary Driscoll, ETS
Wayne Ostler, Pearson

Learning Analytics Work:
Chris Vento, Intellify Learning
Chris Millet, Penn State

Meeting Hosting:
University of Michigan

2013 Leadership Award Recipients

Learning Information Services Work:
Patrick Laughran, Framingham University

THESIS Awareness:
Mark Armstrong, Oracle
Cole Clark, Oracle

Digital Revolution EDUCAUSE Promotion:
Rick Tomlinson, Jenzabar
Sean Devine, CourseSmart
Jeremy Auger, Desire2Learn
Derek Hamner, LearningObjects
Hal Herzog, Learning Objects

Fastest turnaround on a Member App:
Bob DeWitt, Antioch University

Learning Tools Interoperability Work:

John Tibbetts, VitalSource

Accessible Portable Item Protocol Work:
Mike Aumock, Pacific Metrics
Zack Pierce, Measured Progress

TAB Executive Committee Members:
Gary Driscoll, ETS
Linda Feng, Oracle
David Gappa, SAFARI Montage
Tom Hoffman, MeasuredProgress
Rick Johnson, Vitalsource
Brian Knotts, Ellucian
Wilbert Kraan, JISC
Tim Tomlinson, Blackboard
David Lapides, SMART Technologies
Jennifer Whiting, Florida Virtual School

Meeting Hosting:
Lone Star College: Michael Matthews & Shah Ardalan
University of Michigan: Chuck Severance
JISC: Paul Hollins
Tennessee Board of Regents: Robbie Melton

2012 Leadership Award Recipients

Learning Information Services Work:                                                    
Linda Feng, Oracle   
Bill Lee, Desire2Learn
Angus Chan, Desire2Learn
Kirke Bunte, Ellucian
Jon Fontaine, Blackboard
Michael Feldstein, Cengage Learning
Cary Brown, Oracle

Interactive Whiteboard/ Common File Format Work:
Dinesh Advani - TeamBoard
Jordan Meyerowitz - SMART Technologies

Common Cartridge Work:
Claude Vervoort, Blackboard
David Gappa, Safari Montage
Chris Chung, HMH
Jennifer Whiting, FLVS
Joseph Chapmann, Jes & Co

Learning Tools Interoperability Work:
Lance Neumann, Blackboard
Greg McFall, Pearson

Board of Directors Distinguished Service Award:
Jim Behnke  

Accessible Portable Item Protocol Work:
Thomas Hoffmann, Measured Progress
Gary Driscoll, ETS
Wayne Ostler, Pearson

Question and Test Interoperability Work:
Jens Schwendel, BPS
Wilbert Kraan, JISC/CETIS
Young Jin Kweon, KERIS

Learning Impact Award Evaluators:
Stavros P. Xanthopoylos, Norwegian Centre for ICT in Education
Tsuneo Yamada, Open University Japan
Llorenç Valverde Garcia, Open University Catalonia
Gary Driscoll, ETS
Dr. Dae-Joon Hwang, KERIS
Annette Grande,Norwegian Centre for ICT in Education
Jeff Swain, Penn State University

Meeting Hosting:
Texas A&M University - Commerce

2011 Leadership Award Recipients

Technical Board Co-Chairs:
Jennifer Whiting, Florida Virtual School
Linda Feng, Oracle

Common Cartridge Work:
Claude Vervoort, Cengage Learning

Digital Learning Connection Work:
Robbie Melton, Tennessee Board of Regents
Bob Johnson, LCTCS

Meeting Hosting:
Lone Star College
University of Koblenz-Landau

2010 Leadership Award Recipients

Former Technical Board Co-Chairs:                                                        
Mark Crase, California State University
Linda Feng, Oracle

Access For All Work:
Rich Schwerdtfeger, IBM
Madeleine Rothberg, WGBH

Learning Tools Interoperability Work:
Lance Neumann, Blackboard
Greg McFall, Pearson Education

For Going Above and Beyond Advancing the Work of IMS:
Diny Golder, JES & Co
Andy Ross, Florida Virtual School

Enterprise Learning Systems and Applications Procurement (ELSAP) Work:

Tina Piper, FLVS
Holly Henry Cooper, APUS
Charlene Douglas, Desire2Learn

Student Induction to E-Learning Work:
Gloria Pickar, Compass Knowledge
Ross MacKenzie, Open University
Stephen Marshall,Victoria University of Wellington 

Digital Learning Connection Work:
Raylean Henry, Regents Online Campus Collaborative
Robbie Melton, Tennessee Board of Regents
Debra Volzer, Pearson Education

Meeting Hosting:
California State University
TÉLUQ - L'université à distance de l'UQÀM
Florida Virtual School

2009 Leadership Award Recipients

Service Oriented Architecture Work:
Austin Laird, Oracle
Viswanath Srikanth, IBM                                                                                                      

LearnSat Work:
Rob Sapp, UMUC

Special IMS Recognition
Fabrizio Cardinali
Art Lendo

Enterprise Learning Systems and Applications Procurement (ELSAP) Work:
Tina Piper, FLVS
Holly Henry Cooper, APUS
Ruth Ann Balla, Miami-Dade

Targeted Retention Systems Work:
Neil Allison, Blackboard
Eric Bassett, Sungard Higher Education

Common Cartridge Work:
Ingo Dahn, University of Koblenz-Landau

Meeting Hosting:
University of Catalonia
Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations -
Penn State University
University of Michigan

2008 Leadership Award Recipients

Learning Tools Interoperability Work:

Common Cartridge Work:
Nilesh Shinde, LearningMate
Kellan Wampler, ANGEL Learning
Ingo Dahn, University of Koblenz-Landau

Common Cartridge Alliance Work
Ross Mackenzie, The Open University
Brent Bailey, Elsevier
Lou Mersereau, Pearson Education
Ed Mansouri,

AccessForAll Work:
Liddy Nevile, DEST
Andy Heath, JISC
Madeleine Rothberg, WGBH
Jutta Treviranus, University of Toronto

Technology Enabled Flexible Learning Work:
Gloria Pickar, Compass Knowledge
Ross Mackenzie, the Open University
Ken Udas, Penn State

Common Cartridge K12 Work:
Jennifer Whiting, Florida Virtual Schools
Andrew Clute, McGraw-Hill
Christopher Chung, Harcourt Houghton Mifflian
Tom Tedesco, Pearson Education

Formation of IMS Korea:

University Campus Event:
University of Catalonia

Hosting Regional Learning Impact Awards:
DEST - Australia
Ministry of Education - New Zealand

Meeting Hosting:

2007 Leadership Award Recipients

Enterprise Services Work:
Linda Feng, Oracle
Bill Lee, Desire2 Learn

Common Cartridge Work:
David Mills, Angel Learning
Bob Alcorn, Blackboard
Lou Mersereau, Pearson Education
Wilbert Kraan, JISC-CETIS
Jan Poston Day, Blackboard
Nigel Ward, DEST

Question and Test Interoperability Work:

Pierre Gorissen, SURF
Steve Lay, CARET, University of Cambridge

Accessibility Work:
Madeleine Rothberg, NCAM- WGBH

Learning Tools Interoperability Work:
Bruno Van Haetsdaele, Wimba
Chris Moffatt, Microsoft

Schema Prof Work:
Ingo Dahn, University of Koblenz

Mr. Alt-i-lab 2006:
Joel Greenberg, Open University

For their continued support of IMS:
Edward Mansouri,
David Smetters, Respondus
Charles Severance, University of Michigan

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