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Access to quality education must be inclusive and equitable. Technology plays a pivotal role in achieving this goal. This is a matter of compliance with legal regulations and is fundamental to fostering a diverse and inclusive learning environment. When educational institutions prioritize accessibility, they empower all students to participate fully in their educational journeys, regardless of their physical or cognitive abilities. In the digital era, where technology is an integral part of the learning process, making edtech tools accessible is not only a moral imperative but a means to unlock the full potential of every student, enriching the educational experience and promoting academic success and careers for all.

The TrustEd Apps Accessibility Rubric is a self-assessment tool for edtech suppliers developed by a group of cross-education industry experts. It is intended to be a maturity model.


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    The purpose of the TrustEd Apps Accessibility Rubric is to:

    • Leverage accessibility expertise across 1EdTech member organizations and individuals to improve the approach to access for students with a broad range of auditory, visual, physical, and cognitive abilities.
    • Provide a common framework for discussions and evaluating tools about accessibility with tool providers and suppliers.
    • Supplement legislated requirements and accessibility conformance documentation.




    Technical Overview

    Completing the TrustEd Apps Accessibility Rubric

    TrustEd Apps Accessibility Rubric

    This rubric is an edtech supplier self-assessment tool developed by the 1EdTech Accessibility Task Force, composed of experts in accessibility from 1EdTech member institutions and suppliers. This multi-year project included reviewing web accessibility standards, best practices, input from institutions and suppliers through a pilot, and conference presentations at relevant professional organizations. The four areas of the rubric are:

    • Information and Documentation
    • Procurement Process and Communication
    • Accessibility and Conformance
    • Alternatives and Accommodations

    Who Can Submit a Self-Assessment

    1EdTech Contributing, Affiliate, and TrustEd App Alliance member organizations can submit a self-assessment of their product. 1EdTech Contributing, Affiliate, and TrustEd Apps Alliance member organizations can submit a self-assessment of their product. Self-assessments should be completed annually. Once published, self-assessments can be viewed by other members. The report will be viewable under the product’s entry in the TrustEd Apps Directory and the TrustEd Apps Management Suite (member login required).

    Why Submit a Self-Assessment

    • Win More RFPs: Stand out from the competition and showcase your commitment to accessibility by completing the TrustEd Apps Accessibility Rubric
    • Gain a Competitive Edge: Demonstrate your accessibility efforts with clear, standardized data, increasing your chances of winning bids.
    • Build Trust With Institutions: Earn the trust of institutions by prioritizing inclusivity, completing the TrustEd Apps Accessibility Rubric, and showcasing your dedication to accessible edtech tools.

    How to Submit a Self-Assessment

    From the member’s product page in the TrustEd Apps Directory:

    1. ​​Scroll down to the App Vetting Reviews section.
    2. Click "Add Accessibility Rubric."
      The specification document is linked at the top of the page for your reference. 
    3. Enter your product information in the fields on the first tab. 
    4. Respond to the self-assessment questions on the additional tabs.
      We strongly recommend adding notes and links as supporting evidence in the notes fields for the corresponding questions. 
    5. Click the "Save" button at the bottom left-hand side of your screen to submit.
      The self-assessment must be completed in its entirety at once.
    6. The completed rubric will be reviewed and published by 1EdTech. 


    Benefits for Institutions

    • Make Informed Decisions: Gain clear, comparable data on accessibility to choose the best tools for all your students.
    • Ensure Equal Access for All: Select edtech suppliers committed to inclusive learning through the standardized 1EdTech TrustEd Apps Accessibility Rubric.
    • Save Time and Resources: Avoid lengthy evaluations with a standardized self-assessment for all edtech suppliers.



    Sample Request for Proposal

    Sample Statement: Request for Proposal (RFP) Requirement for the TrustEd Apps Accessibility Rubric

    "We require all respondents to this RFP to complete the 1EdTech TrustEd Apps Accessibility Rubric, following the 1EdTech TrustEd Apps Accessibility Rubric Specification 1.0. This rubric is an essential tool for evaluating the accessibility maturity of products, ensuring they cater to a wide range of student abilities. Respondents must provide detailed insights into their accessibility policies, design considerations, and training initiatives. This requirement aligns with our commitment to inclusivity and ensures that all educational tools procured meet and exceed standard accessibility conformance documentation. 

    1EdTech's TrustEd Apps Accessibility Rubric is a component of the 1EdTech TrustEd Apps Program, empowering trust in the digital ecosystem. Contact if you have any questions."



    Get Started

    Start implementing the TrustEd Apps Accessibility Rubric using the materials below.

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    Find answers to common question in our FAQ

    No, only 1EdTech members have the benefit and ability to complete a 1EdTechTrustEd Apps Accessibility Rubric Self Assessment of their product(s).

    The 1EdTech TrustEd Apps Accessibility Rubric Self-Assessment is located on a 1EdTech member supplier's product page, under "App Vetting Reviews" section.

    A group of cross-industry 1EdTech Institutional and Supplier members, who are cross-industry experts in accessibility joined a Task Force that worked for years, researching and collaborating to develop the 1EdTech TrustEd Apps Accessibility Rubric Specification, based on the HECVAT and other accessibility laws and standards.

    To maintain their 1EdTech TrustEd Apps Accessibility Rubric Self-Assessment, the Supplier should self-assess their product(s) yearly, to confirm that no material changes have been made to their accessibility policies, features, and procedures.

    The general public can see that a product has been self assessed by a supplier in the 1EdTech TrustEd Apps Product Directory, but only 1EdTech members can view the detailed self-assessment results.

    Institutions advocate for suppliers to complete their 1EdTech TrustEd Apps Accessibility Rubric Self-Assessment by requiring that edtech suppliers complete the self-assessment before procurement. This may include the requirement for the Accessessibility Rubric self-assessment in their contracts and requests for proposals (RFPs).


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