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Comprehensive Learner Record Standard™



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1EdTech's Comprehensive Learner Record Standard (CLR Standard) is the new generation of secure, verifiable learning and employment records supporting all academic and workplace recognition and achievements, including courses, competencies, skills, and employer-based achievements and milestones.


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 The primary uses of the CLR Standard include:

  • Designed to be used, curated, and controlled by the learner, the CLR Standard is a modern and web-friendly interoperable learner record structured for easy understanding yet flexible enough to support a wide range of use cases to meet the needs of learners and workers, registrars and employers
  • The CLR Standard leverages the Open Badges standard and is compatible with the W3C Verifiable Credentials and the Credential Engine Registry.




Technical Overview

The core of both Open Badges and the Comprehensive Learner Record Standard is an assertion about an achievement. As defined in Open Badges Specification 3.0 and Comprehensive Learner Record Standard 2.0, an assertion is specific to one learner. It contains a claim that the learner has made a particular achievement and metadata about the achievement, the issuer, and the learner, including possible evidence supporting the claim.

A comprehensive learner record (CLR) allows many achievement credentials to be bundled, with some additional associations between them defined. This is like another onion layer wrapping the inner set of credentials that is also signed. Individual component credentials are verifiable, and the wrapping CLR is also verifiable. CLRs can contain achievements from multiple issuers to show a learner's progression with various organizations or subdivisions of a large educational institution. A CLR may also contain Open Badges. 

Issuers may bundle together multiple related achievement credentials into transcripts and other longitudinal records for an individual learner in a CLR as a ClrCredential, which is also signed using the same technique as the individual credentials. 

Additionally, credentials can be augmented with an EndorsementCredential from a third party to lend the support of another individual or organization to the quality or relevance of an issuer or credential data.

A RESTful API, with dynamic client registration, is available to transport data in OpenBadgeCredential and ClrCredential format, under the control of the learner, between systems where they are issued, hosted on behalf of the learner, or verified by third parties to qualify the learner for job placement or other opportunities. Implementing systems can participate in a variety of roles.




Get Started

Start implementing the CLR Standard using the materials below.

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CLR 2.0

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