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Question & Test Interoperability®



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1EdTech's Question & Test Interoperability (QTI)® standard is a way of packaging and moving tests and questions from one application to another.

QTI® makes your assessment items and tests portable, and provides a standardized assessment content presentation consistency across applications. The QTI format helps move/exchange your assessment content to any application that is conformant, and preferably certified.

QTI Provides:

  1. Presentation consistency for your tests and questions
  2. A secure way to exchange assessment content between applications
  3. Maintain ownership of QTI content
  4. Compliance with federal accessibility requirements (Section 508 and WCAG 2.0 AA compliance)




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Benefits of Using QTI

  • Implementing open standards saves time and money
  • Content Presentation has Accessibility Features following WCAG 2.0 AA and Section 508 Guidelines
  • Assessments can be easily exchanged between platforms and applications, no matter the volume or scale of tests exchanged
  • The QTI exchange format provides Institutions and Suppliers with flexible methods to author, import, export, and present assessments
  • Institutions can maintain ownership of their assessment content when changing from one application to another since QTI is a portable format
  • Results Reporting data and Caliper Analytics Events on QTI content can be used by educators to track and measure learning outcomes data
  • LTI Advantage features can support assessment tools, whether the assessment tool supports or does not support the 1EdTech QTI specifications




Technical Overview

The QTI specification is a technical standard for the exchange of assessment items and tests, usage data, and results reporting. 

QTI is a way to move assessment content around between applications. It is a packaging of rich assessment content. QTI is the standard format that helps us move assessment items and tests between applications. Compliant systems can all use this same format to understand the test.

QTI is MUCH richer than HTML forms because it has:

  • Context (metadata)
  • Response details
  • Scoring logic
  • Can include usage data (including item difficulty and other statistics)

QTI 3.0 builds on the earlier versions of QTI and APIP, bringing them together into a single specification with better integration and accommodation solutions. The new specification also includes improved presentation interoperability, web-friendly markup allowing implementations to use standard web components in QTI structures, and more native support for Computer Adaptive Testing (CAT) and Portable Custom Interactions (PCIs) for technology-enhanced item creation and delivery. 

QTI is in XML format. It is a package of XML files. The difference between HTML format and XML format is that an HTML webpage is created for a specific reason. XML is a way to markup information where you can dictate its structures.

With QTI, Suppliers can earn basic or advanced application (Yearly renewal) and/or content package (No need to renew, unless content changes.) certifications. 

The types of application certifications include:

  • Authoring
  • Import
  • Export
  • Import and Export
  • Delivery (Presentation)

Follow the 4 Easy Steps to Get QTI Certified.




Get Started

Start implementing QTI using the materials below.



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