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Aligning learning and assessment to academic standards is a challenging task. CASE Network 2 provides educators and edtech suppliers an efficient and effective approach to ensure all learning experiences align with the authoritative source. This offers insight into how students are performing in relation to academic standards within various learning and assessment tools.

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A Central Repository of Academic Standards

CASE Network 2 is a breakthrough collaboration that establishes a single open repository service for K-12 state and national academic standards and competencies. When learning standards are in the CASE digital format and accessible through CASE Network 2, it’s faster, easier, and less expensive to align digital resources, instruction, and assessments.

The Unique Value of CASE Network 2


4-core subject areas for all state and national academic standards.


AI powered search and academic standards matching capabilities.


Updated software that detects CASE Framework errors.


Usage report logs for issuers of curriculum frameworks.

CASE Network 2 is made possible by 1EdTech member support,
the world’s largest and most trusted non-profit edtech collaboration.



Make the Move to 1EdTech’s CASE Network 2

CASE Network 2 has evolved from the legacy CASE Network. Check out the latest updates.

  • Comprehensive list of Core 4 academic subject areas for all 50 states
  • Regularly updated academic standards and competency frameworks by Common Good Learning Tools
  • Complete academic standard sets for states that have published in CASE digital format
  • Enhanced User Interface (UI) with multiple views for easy navigation
  • Update email notifications and error tracking
  • Print view of complete curriculum frameworks or individual academic standards*
  • Embedded user guide
  • Filtered view for associated academic standards with a matching percentage

*Free registration for access, with a service fee for suppliers.

  • AI-Powered Search GUID Translator: Using semantic meaning with a percentage of matching*
  • Updated certified CASE Provider software and CASE 1.1 early adopter
  • QR code for mobile device view
  • Export in JSON format or CSV file*
  • Ability to make API calls to consume entire collections of standards*

*Free registration for access, with a service fee for suppliers.


Hosted by Common Good Learning Tools in partnership with 1EdTech, CASE Network 2 is a public space for everyone to browse K-12 academic standards and competency frameworks from across the US, coded in the CASE digital format.

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Higher Education



Edtech Supplier



Register for CASE Network 2

Whether as an institution or edtech supplier, registering for CASE Network 2 shows your commitment
to building an open, trusted, and innovative digital learning ecosystem.


Make day-to-day activities easier
and more effective for teachers and students
by connecting learning experiences
to academic standards and competencies.

Edtech Suppliers

Download CASE Frameworks as JSON or CSV files,
or make API calls to ingest complete sets of
academic standards and competencies.

1EdTech CASE Alliance membership included.





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Issuing Agency
Interested in authoring or revising academic frameworks or competencies?

Edtech Supplier

  • Want to download or consume complete CASE academic framework sets via API calls?
  • Interested in assuming leadership for CASE Network 2 and learning more about sponsorship opportunities?
  • Interested in providing CASE framework building services and other CASE-related services?



K-12 Benefits

CASE Network 2 aligns curriculum with state-specific standards, streamlining administrative tasks
and assessments through APIs and data downloads. It’s a freely accessible resource open to educators,
students, and guardians, enabling them to explore learning standards effortlessly.

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Comprehensive Standards Access

Access state and national academic standards so educators, teachers, and parents know what students need to learn.

Alignment with State Academic Standards

Align curricula with state-specific standards, ensuring student preparation for standardized assessments and college readiness.

Integration into Educational Systems

APIs and data downloads allow for easy integration of academic standards into SISs and LMSs, saving hours of staff time.

Prepare Students for What's Ahead

Successfully prepare students for higher education and future career pathways by easily synchronizing academic standards.




The CASE Network enhances digital credentials by allowing linked data within the credential to interrogate the competency and skills framework defined for the credential. Course standards and objectives provide the vital link to the workforce and employers adopting skills-based hiring.

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Tracy Korsmo
SLDS Program Manager
North Dakota Information Technology Department



Higher Education Benefits

​​CASE Network 2 aids higher education institutions in aligning student transfer credits and programs, simplifying integration between educational systems and, ultimately, ensuring the successful communication of learner achievement data.

Transferable Student Achievement Data

Align learning standards for transfer, career development, and lifelong learning.

Easier Integration into Educational Systems

Smoother student transitions between institutions via system integration.

Streamline the Course Transfer Process

Save time and effort in transferring course credits, degrees, and credentials.

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With the CASE standard, we can ensure every student in the district has fast and accurate access to high-quality, state-standards-aligned content.

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Emily Bell, Ed.D.
Chief Information Officer
Fulton County Schools


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Edtech Supplier Benefits

CASE Network 2 offers the most cost-effective and flexible access to U.S. academic standards via a single API call.
Plus, regular updates, error tracking, and expert support ensure smooth integrations.

Access Learning Standards

Provide customers with
up-to-date academic standards aligned to
digital resources.

Cost-Effective and Time Saving

Access and retrieve academic standards with one single CASE-certified API endpoint, JSON, or CSV downloads.

Transition and Integration Assistance

Simplify moving from proprietary to open GUIDs with the CASE Network 2 GUID Translator tool.

​​Updates and Notifications

Keep your customers well-informed with the latest educational standards by receiving up-to-date reports.

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With all of the digital learning content that we have, having a common language with 1EdTech makes it easier to navigate, so technology doesn’t have to be the focus. The education we provide is the focus.

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Darlene Rankin
Director, Instructional Technology
Katy Independent School District


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Need More Info on the CASE Digital Format?

1EdTech's CASE is an open digital format (a technical standard specification)
for publishing and exchanging academic standards and competencies. 

Competencies and Academic Standards Exchange® (CASE®)
Learn More



Better Together

1EdTech and Common Good Learning Tools 

1EdTech and Common Good Learning Tools are partnering to continue advocating for CASE as the heart of
digital ecosystems in K-12 education and beyond. Join us to make learning visible and leverage CASE Network 2
to streamline and articulate teaching and learning outcomes for all.

CASE Network 2 is your one-stop solution for institutions, school districts, state agencies,
national organizations, edtech suppliers, and 1EdTech partners.


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