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TrustEd Apps Program Overview


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Edtech You Can Trust to Be Easy, Meaningful, and Safe

As a community, 1EdTech aims to support teaching and learning in all educational environments. We know educators need tools and systems that can evolve along with their ever-changing challenges. The TrustEd Apps Program helps you build an open, trusted, and innovative digital learning ecosystem at every level.

Now, 1EdTech offers the TrustEd Apps Program made up of four components: TrustEd Apps Pledge, TrustEd Apps Product Vetting & Certification, TrustEd Apps Management Suite, and the TrustEd Apps Certified Leader Program.

TrustEd Apps Pledge

Make open standards the first choice for plug-and-play integrations.

TrustEd Apps Vetting and Certification

Streamline, scale, and secure your digital ecosystem.

TrustEd Apps Management Suite

 Curated edtech apps validated for privacy and integration.



TrustEd Apps Certified Leader Program

Become a pro at implementing 1EdTech open standards. 




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TrustEd Apps Pledge

The TrustEd Apps Program begins with our pledge to put open standards and data privacy at the forefront of education technology integrations. It's the 1EdTech community call to action to ensure there's always a level playing field for schools, universities, and state organizations when it comes time to purchase and implement digital tools.

Created by the 1EdTech community, open standards are the best way to enable product choice, reduce cost, and make informed decisions with reliable data. The TrustEd Apps pledge gives all of us a collective and powerful voice to benefit every student, teacher, institution, and edtech supplier. See the leading organizations that have endorsed the pledge.

Show Your Commitment to Plug-and-Play Integration

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1EdTech has provided significant support for our district as we’ve worked to develop a digital ecosystem that ensures high levels of interoperability and digital privacy. It’s exciting to know that the Georgia Department of Education is scaling this support to districts across the state.

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Dr. Brian Blanton, Ed.D.
Chief Information Officer
Henry County Schools

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TrustEd Apps Certification and Self-Assessment Rubrics

Educators have enough to juggle without figuring out if a particular software will plug-and-play with the rest of their digital ecosystem. Product certification and self-assessment rubrics, backed by the 1EdTech community, help streamline, scale, and save valuable time when designing the educational experience to meet the unique needs of teachers and learners. 


1EdTech consistently demonstrates its value and trust by enabling timely integrations and interoperability with our customers. Getting our products certified is how we show commitment to secure and interoperable digital learning ecosystems.

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Rick Johnson
Co-Founder and Vice President of Product Strategy and Accessibility
Achieving 1EdTech Certification Is the Secure and Trusted Way to Integrate

Easily search and review the official listing of digital education products that have earned certification and self-attested to 1EdTech rubrics.

TrustEd Apps Directory

Certification is a Win-Win for All of Us 

For institutions at all levels, 1EdTech vetting and certification gives you more choice in purchasing decisions, ensures seamless product integrations, and provides a secure and trusted exchange of data among learning tools, applications, and programs.

For suppliers, your ongoing participation in the 1EdTech community and our certification process is the fastest and most reliable way to achieve product integrations. It shows your commitment to establishing the next generation of education and learning.


TrustEd Apps Self-Assessment Rubrics

The 1EdTech community has designed self-assessment rubrics to help ensure accessibility to unlock each student's full potential, understand security risks in learning environments, and establish protocols, policies, and best practices for using AI.

Accessibility Rubric
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Generative AI Data Rubric
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​​Security Practices Rubric
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TrustEd Apps Management Suite

Right at Your Fingertips

Easily share curated edtech applications validated for privacy and integration readiness with your institutions, admin, and teachers. It’s a one stop shop, accessed via your school system or launched through a supplier platform. 





Try the New Admin Dashboard

Vetting TA


teacher dashboard


Quick Glance Vetting 

See more than 11,000 edtech products vetted using an open standard privacy rubric designed and approved by 1EdTech members.



Teacher Dashboard

Teachers access an easy to use dashboard giving them a wider and more secure set of product options. Leaving the worry behind, knowing your edtech ecosystem will fit into place and meet today's expectations in privacy.


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Award-winning Education Technology

The EdTech Awards recognizes the TrustEd Apps Management Suite for outstanding contributions in transforming education through technology to enrich the lives of learners everywhere. 

Featuring edtech’s best and brightest, the annual EdTech Awards spotlight cool tools, inspiring leaders, and innovative trendsetters across the K-12, Higher Education, and Skills and Workforce sectors.


Request a Live Demo

Although access to the TrustEd Apps Management Suite is a benefit of being a 1EdTech member, we're always happy to show and tell how working together can accomplish your goals. Reach out, and let's set up a live demo.

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Are You an Edtech Supplier?

The TrustEd Apps Launch and Data Partners are 1EdTech Contributing Member suppliers who launch the TrustEd Apps Management Suite from their platform or pull TrustEd Apps data into their platform. It's a great way to show educators from institutions, districts, and state-wide agencies you value an open and trusted ecosystem.

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Access the TrustEd Apps Management Suite

TrustEd Apps Certified Leader (TACL) Program

TACL turns educational leaders into pros at implementing 1EdTech open standards to impact instruction. With five modules to choose from, you'll achieve critical skills and greater confidence to take on whatever digital learning needs come your way. 

Professional Certification for Leaders Like You
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They Did It. So Can You.

The Georgia State Board of Education approved a state-wide partnership with 1EdTech, making it the third state to do so. Georgia is now one of more than 810 leading education sector organizations, including states, school districts, higher ed institutions and systems, and edtech suppliers, prioritizing student privacy through the TrustEd Apps program.

Welcome to the community!

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By working collaboratively with the brightest minds in education and technology, we're making an impact on all learners. Join the 1EdTech community today, because together we all go forward faster. 

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Have Questions? We Have Answers.

We had you in mind when we created the TrustEd Apps Program. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out. We're always happy to help. 

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