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1EdTech TrustEd Apps Generative AI Data Rubric


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The TrustEd Apps Generative AI Data Rubric was developed to provide a foundation for the ethical, productive, and safe use of Gen-AI data in the field of education. It addresses disclosure policies and transparency and encourages the examination of data, such as a declaration that AI is in use, opt-in/opt-out, quality of data sources, bias controls, and data ownership.

This self assessment tool for suppliers currently contains only one section (Privacy Section) and will be expanded by at least one more section to address data quality, validity and ownership, and additional concerns with Gen-AI data practices.


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 The Generative AI Data Rubric (Privacy Section) sets expectations for:

  • Alerts when Gen-AI is in use
  • Options to opt-in or opt-out
  • Information about the use of AI in the data privacy policy
  • Identification of data sources
  • Notification if the AI is internal or a third-party tool and associated data privacy and ownership concerns.

The purpose of The TrustEd Apps Generative AI Data Rubric is to provide:

  • A common framework for evaluating and discussing AI data practices. 
  • A common framework for suppliers to self-assess their organization’s AI usage and use the results to evolve (or mature) data practices.
  • A foundation concerning the need to include information about the use of generative AI data within existing privacy and security documents, such as privacy policies, Terms of Service. Alternatively, it could be used to develop AI policies, or start the conversation about creating AI policies.



Technical Overview

Completing the TrustEd Apps Generative AI Data Rubric

Trusted Apps Generative AI Data Rubric

This rubric is a self-assessment tool for edtech suppliers developed by 1EdTech members. Currently, the rubric covers:

  • Generative AI Data Privacy

Who Can Submit a Self-Assessment

1EdTech Contributing, Affiliate, and TrustEd Apps Alliance member organizations can submit a self-assessment of their product. Assessments should be completed annually. Once published, self-assessments can be viewed by other members. The report will be viewable under the product’s entry in the TrustEd Apps Directory and the TrustEd Apps Management Suite (member login required).


Why Submit a Self-Assessment

  • Win More RFPs: Demonstrate robust security practices to win more bids by completing the TrustEd Apps Generative AI Data Rubric.
  • Gain a Competitive Advantage: Stand out from competitors and showcase your commitment to student data security with the standardized TrustEd Apps Generative AI Data Rubric
  • Build Trust with Institutions: Earn the trust of institutions prioritizing data protection by completing the rubric and highlighting your commitment to secure edtech solutions.


How to Submit a Self-Assessment

From the member’s product page in the TrustEd Apps Directory:

  1. Scroll down to the App Vetting Reviews section.
  2. Click "Add AI Rubric."
    The specification document is linked at the top of the page for your reference. 
  3. Enter your product information in the fields on the first tab.
  4. Respond to the self-assessment questions on the additional tabs.
    It is strongly recommended to include notes and links as supporting evidence in the notes fields for the corresponding questions.  
  5. Click the "Save" button at the bottom left-hand side of your screen to submit.
    The self-assessment must be completed in its entirety at once.
  6. The completed rubric will be reviewed and published by 1EdTech.


Benefits for Institutions

  • Mitigate Security Risks: Require edtech suppliers to complete the 1EdTech TrustEd Apps Generative AI Data Rubric to gain clear insights into their security practices and mitigate potential risks within your educational environment. 
  • Make Informed Procurement Decisions: Standardize your RFP process and make informed decisions by leveraging the clear, comparable data provided by the 1EdTech TrustEd Apps Generative AI Data Rubric.
  • Protect Student Data: Prioritize student data security by requiring the 1EdTech TrustEd Apps Generative AI Data Rubric from all potential vendors, ensuring they meet the essential security needs of your educational institution.



Sample Request for Proposal

Sample Statement: Request for Proposal (RFP) Requirement for the TrustEd Apps Generative AI Data Rubric

"We require all respondents to this RFP to have completed the 1EdTech TrustEd Apps Generative AI Data Rubric. This rubric is designed to be used as a model for growth with transparency and users' options in relation to the application of artificial intelligence (AI) in digital resources. Respondents must provide detailed insights into their privacy practices and associated documents, such as Privacy Policies, Terms of Service, and AI Policies. This requirement aligns with our commitment to protecting student data and creating safe and secure learning environments. 

1EdTech's TrustEd Apps Generative AI Data Rubric is a component of the 1EdTech TrustEd Apps Program, empowering trust in the digital ecosystem. Contact if you have any questions."



Get Started

Start implementing 1EdTech's TrustEd Apps Generative AI Data Rubric using the materials below.

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Find answers to common question in our FAQ

No, only 1EdTech members can complete a 1EdTechTrustEd Apps Generative AI Data Rubric Self Assessment. Submit an assessment for each product.

The 1EdTech TrustEd Apps Generative AI Data Rubric Self-Assessment is located on a 1EdTech supplier member’s product page, under the "App Vetting Reviews" section.

A group of 1EdTech supplier-member experts developed the Generative AI Data Rubric (Privacy Section).

This is an introductory project. 1EdTech is in the planning stages to develop a more comprehensive AI Data self-assessment instrument to assess the use of data in AI beyond privacy, including data sources, data validity and bias, intellectual property, user prompt data, and other data concerns when AI is in use.

To maintain their 1EdTech TrustEd Apps Generative AI Data Rubric Self-Assessment, the Supplier should self-assess their product(s) any time they modify the use of AI in their product, or modify the AI Data Policy/Agreement including any policies, features, and procedures.

The general public can see that a product has been self assessed by a supplier in the 1EdTech TrustEd Apps Product Directory, but only 1EdTech members can view the detailed self-assessment results.

Institutions advocate for suppliers to complete their 1EdTech TrustEd Apps Generative AI Data Rubric Self-Assessment by requiring that suppliers complete the self-assessment before signing a contract/purchasing. This may include the requirement for the Generative AI Data Rubric self-assessment in their contracts and requests for proposals (RFPs).


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