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TrustEd Apps Vetting



Protect Your Learners and the Data They Generate


At 1EdTech, we know educators and students are using an even greater variety of edtech products for teaching and learning. Student data privacy is essential in a digital learning ecosystem. That’s why 1EdTech members created the TrustEd Apps vetting process to guide institutions and edtech suppliers toward secure data use, collection, and sharing.


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Through the TrustEd Apps Program, 1EdTech regularly vets the policies of hundreds of edtech companies of all types using an open standard privacy rubric designed and utilized by 1EdTech members.

TrustEd Apps gives institutions and suppliers a helping hand to reduce the time and worry spent determining whether a particular edtech tool meets today’s expectations in data privacy.


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Working Together to Ensure Safeguards Are in Place


Digital Resources Vetted for Privacy and Security

Our 1EdTech member community developed a comprehensive, thorough, and certified privacy policy vetting process to ensure your educational technology fulfills requirements for privacy, security, and responsible usage of the information gathered.

Rubric Guidelines

The set of “must ask” questions to ensure safety
A comprehensive set of questions collected from K-12 districts, higher ed institutions, and other organizations.

Accurate Vetting

A thorough and careful examination
Reduce time and worry spent determining whether a particular edtech tool meets data privacy expectations.



Search and Review

Trust applications certified in Data Privacy
Easily search and review data privacy-certified applications in the convenient TrustEd Apps Directory.

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In the last few years, technology use has grown, along with the need to ensure student data is secure. The TrustEd Apps rubric meets what we consider critical needs for review and will be a big burden lifted for school districts, especially smaller ones like Gainesville City that don’t have the capacity to do this on our own.

As a state, we collaborate well, and the ability to easily share our experiences with different tools will be extremely valuable to every district in Georgia.

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Jill Hobson
Chief Technology Officer
Gainesville City Schools

As technology quickly infiltrated the schools, everyone did their own thing to find the best tools they could, but they were adding tools without any process. Now, we have more control, and TrustEd Apps is an incredible first step to check vetting, and then move onto other things including matching content to curriculum and other requirements specific to our district.

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Kevin Adams
Chief Information Officer
Bibb County School District


Bibb County - Member Story

The Bibb County School District in Georgia hopes to empower teachers and administrators to find effective tools that meet the district’s standards for data privacy, through 1EdTech’s TrustEd Apps program.

The TrustEd Apps Product Directory vets privacy policies so districts and schools can see if the tool is worth investigating further before investing too much time into negotiations. The goal is to find the best tools while still protecting student information.


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Professional Certification Designed for Leaders Like You

The TrustEd Apps Certified Leader (TACL) Program turns educational leaders into pros at implementing 1EdTech open standards to impact instruction. With five modules to choose from, you'll achieve critical skills and greater confidence to take on whatever digital learning needs come your way. 

TrustEd Apps Certified Leader Program
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Advance your strategy and the greater good



Resources to Get You Up and Running

For more information, review our TrustEd Apps Data Privacy Vetting FAQs or contact to schedule your TrustEd Apps vetting process one-to-one training. We're always happy to help.

We need to bring on vendors very quickly and make sure they work within our current digital ecosystem. 1EdTech TrustEd Apps helps us cut through the backlog of having to vet and approve all of the apps coming in so we can get tools into the hands of our students and teachers quicker while also ensuring their safety.

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Jeff McCoy
Associate Superintendent for Academics
Greenville County Schools
Public Resources

View Data Privacy certified applications in the TrustEd Apps Product Directory.

Review the comprehensive Data Privacy Rubric.

Join the TrustEd Apps Alliance to get involved.

Member Resources

Earn the Data Privacy Certification.

Institutional members can get access to the TrustEd Apps Management Suite.

Supplier members can become a TrustEd Apps Partner.





Over 8,500+ Products Vetted

The TrustEd Apps program has vetted thousands of products of all types using an open standard privacy rubric designed and used by 1EdTech members. Don’t see the TrustEd Apps Seal? That’s a great opportunity to require that your edtech suppliers obtain it before you buy their product.



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