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TrustEd Apps™ Privacy Vetting & Certification Disclaimer and FAQs


Data Privacy Vetting and Certification




As a standard certification process and member benefit, 1EdTech vets all supplier members' publicly available Privacy Policies and Terms of Service using 1EdTech's Data Privacy Rubric. The 1EdTech community periodically updates the rubric to meet market needs. Additionally, institutional members can request a vetting of a non-member’s (edtech supplier’s) publicly available Privacy Policy and Terms of Service. Vetting results can be viewed only by 1EdTech members.



Frequently Asked Questions

Essential Info Quick and Easy

1EdTech’s Data Privacy vetting is a review and rating of a supplier’s publicly available Privacy Policy and Terms of Service using the 1EdTech TrustEd™ Apps Data Privacy Rubric

The 1EdTech Data Privacy Certification indicates not only that a supplier’s Privacy Policy and Terms of Service have been vetted but also consulted with the privacy team and provided public documentation as evidence that the product meets all expectations as outlined in the Data Privacy Rubric

Institutions should expect an application to be certified before approving it for use.

1EdTech vets both members and non-members publicly facing Privacy Policies and Terms of Service. However, 1EdTech's Data Privacy Certification is only available to 1EdTech members.

1EdTech certification includes a collaborative process with the supplier where support and consultation are provided. Additionally, suppliers must provide public documentation as evidence to validate the vetting results to earn certification.

1EdTech’s Data Privacy Certification is a recognition that confirms an edtech supplier's commitment to maintaining a high level of privacy standards, which are explicitly detailed in their publicly accessible Privacy Policy and Terms of Service.

Products that earn 1EdTech’s Data Privacy Certification are visible in the 1EdTech’s TrustEd Apps Product Directory and TrustEd Apps Management Suite (TAMS).

  • Widely Recognized: 1EdTech Certification is widely acknowledged and respected by educational institutions. It serves as a signal that edtech products can be trusted when it comes to protecting a user’s privacy.
  • Saves Time and Resources: 1EdTech Certification eliminates the need for educational institutions to conduct independent research and vetting of edtech products. 1EdTech member institutions can catalog all of their edtech applications by quickly building a dashboard of approved apps. This saves them valuable time and resources.
  • Unbiased: 1EdTech is a knowledgeable and neutral organization. All privacy reviews from paid or free applications are vetted using the same criteria outlined in 1EdTech’s Data Privacy Rubric.
  • Expertise: 1EdTech's Data Privacy team possesses the necessary expertise to assess the privacy standards of edtech suppliers effectively.
  • In-Depth Analysis: 1EdTech's Data Privacy team knows the right questions to ask to determine if a supplier's Privacy Policy and Terms of Service meet the required criteria for comprehensive security and privacy policies.
  • Thorough Examination: 1EdTech's Data Privacy team knows where to find the pertinent information within a supplier's Privacy Policy and Terms of Service.
  • Evaluation: 1EdTech's Data Privacy team carefully analyzes the publicly available Privacy Policy and Terms of Service, and they assess these documents using the Data Privacy Rubric to provide a rating.

The general public can see that an application has been vetted and certified in the 1EdTech TrustEd Apps Product Directory. Only 1EdTech members can view the detailed vetting results. 

Institutional members may also access the detailed vetting results through the TrustEd Apps Management Suite (TAMS).

Institutions advocate for certification by requiring that edtech suppliers are 1EdTech certified before procurement. This may include the requirement for certification in their contracts and requests for proposals (RFPs).




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