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TACL Program Designees

TACL Program Designee badgeBaltimore County Public Schools

  • Tara McNulty, Supervisor, Solution Implementation (2023)
  • Michele Wagner, Manager, Solutions Implementation (2023)

Chicago Public Schools

  • Lorne Rodriguez, Manager of Ecosystem Design (2023)


  • Tonja Brunn, Director of Instructional Technology and Media Services (2023)

Clayton County Public Schools

  • Howard Langford, Director of Information Systems (2023)

Columbia County School District

  • Nic Carroll, Director of Data Governance & Instructional Technology (2023)

Darlington County School District

  • Benjamin Brown, Chief Technology Officer (2023)
  • Hanna Teal, Instructional Technology Coordinator for Data Integration (2023)

Edina Public Schools

  • Matt Flugum, District Digital Learning Coordinator (2023)

Escambia County School District

  • Tom Ingram, Director of Information Technology (2023)

Fayette County Public Schools (GA)

  • Jim Farmer, CTO (2023)
  • Matthew Jackson, Coordinator of Digital & Media Services (2023)

Forsyth County Schools (GA)

  • Kathy Carpenter, Director of Information Systems (2023)
  • Jason Naile, Director of Educational Technology & Media (2024)

Fresno Unified School District

  • Ashley Aouate, Information Security Coordinator II (2023)

Gainesville City Schools

  • Eddie Nemec, Director of Instructional Technology and Media Services (2023)

Georgia Department of Education

  • Angela Ingram, Knowledge and Interoperability Manager (2023)
  • Amanda Williamson, Director of Virtual Learning (2023)

Greenville County Schools    

  • Jeff McCoy, Associate Superintendent for Academics (2023)
  • Timothy Van Heule, Coordinator, VirtualHS/Media (2023)

Gwinnett County Public Schools    

  • Chad Deal, Senior Application Analyst (2024)
  • Dorothy Evans, Coordinator of Applications Programming (2023)
  • Barry Hammock, Senior Application Analyst (2023)
  • Lara Schiefelbein, Senior Application Analyst (2023)

Henry County Schools

  • Kimberly Jackson, Executive Director of Instructional Technology (2023)

Houston Independent School District

  • Aiesha Odutayo, Online Manager (2023)

Infinite Campus, Inc.

  • Catherine Fredrick, Product Manager (2023)

Jenzabar, Inc.

  • John Berosh, Software Developer (2024)

Katy Independent School District

  • Darlene Rankin, M.Ed., Director, Instructional Technology (2023)

Lincoln Learning Solutions

  • Brittany Janectic, Assistant Vice President of Academic Affairs (2023)
  • Charles Thayer, Chief Academic Officer (2023)

Minnesota State System Office

  • Jon Werth, Online Learning Environment System Administrator (2023)

Newton County Schools (GA)

  • Misty Smith, Application Integration Specialist (2023)

North Clackamas School District

  • Leigh Anne Scherer, Director, Instructional Technology & Data Assessment (2023)

Northwest RESA (GA)

  • Mike Afdahl, Coordinator of Tech Services (2023)

Oklahoma City Public Schools

  • Neal Kellogg, Director of Digital Procurement and Data Privacy (2024)

Pearson Education

  • Richard Hoggren, Manager of Solution Architecture (2023)

Prince George's County Public Schools

  • Meghen Ehrich, Instructional Technology Specialist (2023)

Prince William County Public Schools

  • Randy Newman, Supervisor, Student Data & Information Security (2023)
  • Dani Hall, Coordinator of Instructional Technology (2023)

Savannah-Chatham County Public School System

  • Samantha King, Educational Technology Training Coach (2023)

School District of Palm Beach County

  • Jonathan Decker, Ed Tech Project Manager (2023)

School District of Pickens County

  • Jessica Preisig, Assistant Superintendent for Technology Services (2023)

South Carolina Department of Education

  • Chris Lampman, Senior Instructional Designer (2023)

Stanislaus County Office of Education

  • Burt Lo, Chief Technology Officer (2023)

Volusia County Schools

  • Krissy Mollo, Coordinator Teaching and Learning Applications (2023)

Wake County Public School System

  • Lisa Belsha, Director of Digital Resources (2023)
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