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Learning Impact Awards Program Evaluators

Learning Impact Awards Logo

Thanks to the volunteers from the 1EdTech community who are helping to evaluate the 2023 Learning Impact Awards competition.

These judges represent 1EdTech institutional member leaders. This team also contributes to developing the Learning Impact Report and identifying the priorities needed to evolve the Learning Impact Awards program.

Learning Impact Awards 2023 Evaluator Panel

  • Rob Ditto, University of Pennsylvania
  • Dani Hall, Prince William County Public Schools
  • Kimberly Jackson, Henry County Schools
  • Sarah MacDonald, Fayette County Schools GA
  • Eva Mjovik, Norwegian Directorate for Education and Training
  • Gary Ritter, Central Piedmont Community College
  • Hanna Teal, Darlington County School District
  • Daniel Suchy, University of California San Diego
  • Timothy Van Heule, Greenville County Schools
  • Kelly Hoyland, 1EdTech
  • Rob Coyle, 1EdTech
  • Colin Smythe, 1EdTech

Contact 1EdTech if you are interested in learning more about the annual Learning Impact Awards competition or would like to participate as an evaluator next year.



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