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Webinar: Building Trust through Transparency with 1EdTech's TrustEd Apps Rubrics

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Over 11,000 apps have been vetted using 1EdTech's Data Privacy rubric. And we're not stopping there!

Building on this momentum, the 1EdTech member community has created supplier self-assessment tools to give you the upper hand in evaluating the Security Practices, Generative AI Data, and Accessibility of your edtech tools.

Join the conversation as we delve into these new rubrics. You'll hear from Instructure, one of the first edtech suppliers to evaluate its products against the rubrics, and state leaders from Georgia and North Carolina about using the rubrics to make informed procurement decisions.

1EdTech's TrustEd Apps program helps you focus on what's essential for your teaching and learning tools. Learn how to get started leveraging these new rubrics for a more accessible, secure, and innovative K-12 edtech ecosystem.


  • Daisy Bennett, Associate General Counsel & Data Protection Officer, Instructure

  • Tim Clark, Vice President, K-12 Programs, 1EdTech (moderator)

  • Nathan Miller, Chief Information Security Officer, Georgia Department of Education

  • Donna Murray, Digital Accessibility Specialist, North Carolina Department of Public Instruction

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