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Get Up and Stand Up for Learning Impact

“Get up, stand up.” —Bob Marley

1EdTech's Learning Impact Conference is a gathering of the edtech world’s most influential organizations and people talking about how they are working together to move the needle on today’s most important new developments, including AI, digital microcredentials, ecosystem trust, accessibility, security, and privacy in the higher ed, K-12 and corporate learning sectors. Learning Impact is unlike other talking head conferences because it is where the world’s most innovative edtech collaborative gets together to move things forward.

Are you getting tired of all the AI blather? A lot of people in the education sector are. But we can’t afford to look the other way on this topic. At Learning Impact, the market-leading edtech suppliers and institutions are actually doing something more than talking or sharing their thoughts and work. For example, 1EdTech is developing an industry-leading rubric to get to the bottom of AI safety. We discuss topics like AI in terms of how to assess the actual impact of AI against key industry challenges.

AI is just one example.

Many really good ideas in edtech fall by the wayside because like-minded and determined parties have no way to actually work together to move the market. At 1EdTech Learning Impact, they do. Remember all the hype about competency-based learning? Remember being at the top and bottom of the hype cycle? What about data analytics and data-driven education?

At Learning Impact, you talk to the organizations and leaders who are crossing the chasm to processes and products that are making a difference. You can get involved in industry-leading initiatives where enough leading organizations come together to make these innovations real. We have the TrustEd Microcredentials Coalition for competency-based learning leaders, and for data analytics, we have a coalition of leading institutions driving LTI Advantage Data. If you need a breakthrough in terms of more cost-effective ways to align K-12 digital learning content and achieve a diverse, personalized digital curriculum, we have you covered with CASE Network 2 and school districts like Chicago Public Schools that are leading the way on tech infrastructure and strategy to support curriculum equity.

Is universal design for learning your focus? Accessibility? What about data privacy and security? The 1EdTech community is driving change in these areas by making it easier for states, districts, and higher education institutions/systems to collaborate in these foundation areas. By collaborate, I mean exchanging actual vetting information and experiences in real time through the Trusted Apps Management Suite. Moving forward together is not slower. It’s faster.

1EdTech timeline showing our standards and initiatives that are moving the edtech sector forward

Tangibly moving the edtech sector forward is our thing in the 1EdTech community, and Learning Impact is the signature event where everyone is invited to participate. There is not a more productive and relevant edtech gathering on the planet. It’s the right size and the right way for your organization to adjust your tech strategy and collaborate with the best. And you won’t get this much relevant content or collaborative experience for setting your go-forward strategy at any other conference.

And I didn’t even mention the annual Learning Impact competition! By far the most meaningful and relevant in edtech since 2006.

1EdTech recently surpassed 1,000 member organizations. We’re off to our best start to any year ever. So, Learning Impact 2024 will be a good time, too!

I’ll see ‘ya there.

About the Author

Rob Abel, Ed.D.

Dr. Rob Abel is the Chief Executive Officer of 1EdTech, a non-profit collaboration of the world's leading universities, school districts, government organizations, content providers, and technology suppliers, cooperating to accelerate learning technology interoperability, adoption, and impact. Rob has been the CEO of 1EdTech (formerly IMS Global Learning Consortium) since February 2006.

Rob is a recognized expert on the use of information and communication technology (ICT) for learning, with over 40 years of high-tech and education market development experience. During Rob's tenure, 1EdTech has experienced dramatic membership and revenue growth and achieved significant adoption of 1EdTech work by leading regional education communities worldwide. 1EdTech has grown over 20x since Rob became CEO and has become one of the world's best-resourced and dynamic standards-setting consortia.


Published on 2024-02-15

PUBLISHED ON 2024-02-15

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Rob Abel, Ed.D.
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