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LTI Advantage Data


Your Edtech Tools Are Talking to Each Other.
But Are They Talking to You?

LTI Advantage Data, developed by the leadership of 1EdTech members, combines the power of LTI Advantage with the basic requirement of Caliper Analytics® to evaluate edtech tools with an "out of the box" trusted data flow.



Get the data to evaluate the edtech tools you're investing time and money in to make teaching and learning better.


Edtech Suppliers

Ensure a trusted data flow that doesn’t require any custom development and provides a consistent format.


The Value of LTI Advantage Data

Trusted and secure data exchange allows educators to access real-time data to monitor students' performance and gain confidence that their edtech tools are positively impacting teaching and learning. Meanwhile, edtech suppliers can gather detailed info on how their products are utilized and share those insights with their institutional partners.

Trusted Data Collection and Sharing for All
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Understand the ROI of Your Learning Tools

Institutions are gearing up for the future, and with tight budgets, making smart edtech choices is a must.
1EdTech’s LTI Advantage Data helps educators gain valuable insight into tool usage, student engagement, and platform effectiveness, simplifying the monitoring of student progress across their digital learning ecosystem.


Understand tool usage and student engagement with data sent to your institution’s dashboards/data stores.

Interpret how a platform is being used, what is effective and what’s having an impact on learning.

View student progress in one place by leveraging LTI Advantage - Assignment and Grade service allowing for grade/assignment scores to pass back from all tools to the learning platforms.

Connect secure and trusted data back to individual users across tools and platforms to help educators identify patterns and trends.


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Real-time data from our edtech suppliers is a constant need. We look towards LTI Advantage Data to help us dive deeper into the learning process, make informed decisons, and track our ROI.

Photo of User
Mr. Andy Fisher
Manager, Learner Engagement
Pennsylvania State University


Thank You, LTI Advantage Data Endorsers

We take pride in the collective efforts of innovative minds from top-tier institutions who have united
in their commitment to champion the 1EdTech community's dedication to LTI Advantage Data.


Vince Kellen, Ph.D.
Chief Information Officer
University of CA, San Diego

Daniel Suchy
Sr. Director, Ed Tech Services
University of CA, San Diego

Bart Pursel
Chief Executive Officer

Chris Lucas
Interim VP IT & CIO
Pennsylvania State University

Tammy Yasrobi
Assoc. Director Teaching & Learning
University of British Columbia

Andy Fischer Manager, Learner Engagement Pennsylvania State University

Steve Varella Director Teaching & Learning University of Notre Dame

Scott Wojtanowski Sys. Director Inno. Teaching & Learning Minnesota State System

Edmund Clarke Chief Information Officer California State University

Tom Andriola Vice Chancellor IT & Data University of CA, Irvine

Shawna Dark, Ph.D. Chief Academic & Asst. Vice Provost University of CA, Berkeley

Matt Gunkel Chief Information Officer University of CA, Riverside

Jonathan Werth Ed Tech Specialist Minnesota State System

Doris Savron Vice Provost University of Phoenix

Chris Davis VP of Academic Quality University of MD Global Campus

Sean DeMonner Exec. Director, Ent Teaching & Learning University of Michigan

Steven Williams Principal Product Manager University of CA, Los Angeles

Kathryn Green Director, Product Experience Strategic Education

Kimberly Moore Exec. Director Workforce & Ed Wichita State University

Kim Arnold, Ph.D. Director Learning Analytics University of WI, Madison

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Edtech Suppliers

Capture Valuable Data on Your Product Usage

LTI Advantage Data keeps edtech suppliers at the forefront of innovation. It ensures a reliable and hassle-free data flow, eliminating the need for costly custom integrations. This offers an open, trusted, and secure approach to measure how a particular edtech product is used, aiming to improve the quality of teaching and learning for institutional partners.

Let's take things up a notch and go beyond the data baseline. With LTI Advantage Data, edtech tools can share valuable insights with institutions in an open and trusted way without the custom or costly development.

Photo of User
Jacques Menasche
Technical Program Manager


Establish consistent capturing and presenting of learning activity for more efficient development of analytics features in learning environments.

Provide a standard way of measuring learning activities and effectiveness, enabling designers and curriculum providers to measure, compare, and improve the quality.

Define a common language for labeling learning data to set the stage for an ecosystem of higher-order learning analytics applications.

Go beyond the baseline of LTI and provide your customers with a more secure way to extract real-time data.


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The Standards to Launch LTI Advantage Data

To tap into the benefits of LTI Advantage Data, it's essential that you've already got the ball rolling
with implementing the open standards of LTI Advantage and Caliper Analytics.


Enables deep and secure integration of learning platforms and apps/tools for better student experiences.


Collect click-stream data from all digital resources to measure learning activities and effectiveness.




Together, We Go Forward Faster

Institutions and edtech suppliers benefit from an open, trusted, and innovative ecosystem.
Getting Educators the Data They Need
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