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Digital Repositories Specification

The Digital Repositories v1.0 Final specification, released January 30, 2003, purpose is to provide recommendations for the interoperation of the most common repository functions. These recommendations should be implementable across services to enable them to present a common interface.

On the broadest level, this specification defines digital repositories as being any collection of resources that are accessible via a network without prior knowledge of the structure of the collection. Repositories may hold actual assets or the meta-data that describe assets. The assets and their meta-data do not need to be held in the same repository.

This specification is intended to utilize schemas already defined elsewhere (e.g., 1EdTech Meta-Data and Content Packaging), rather than attempt to introduce any new schema.

The 1EdTech Digital Repositories Specification is comprised of 3 documents.

Version 1.0 - Final Specification - HTML

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