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Learning Impact Awards 2022 Winners

Learning Impact Awards 2022 logoCongratulations!

Learning Impact Awards 2022 Winners


Congratulations to the nine award winners whose evidence-based technology projects were selected out of the 34 finalists in this year's competition.

Many thanks to our expert evaluators and everyone who participated in the peer voting.

View all winners and finalists below. Projects are organized by their Learning Impact Trend Category and listed alphabetically, with their project resources linked at the end.


2022 Learning Impact Platinum Award Winner image


Adaptive Learning, Online Homework, and Assessment

Using CASE to Power Standards-Based Learning for All Students (Classworks and Gwinnett County Public Schools: Video / Paper)

Digital Resource, eText, and Learning App Innovation

Slice: Enabling Inter-Institutional Sharing of Large, High-Quality Images and Virtual Microscopy Slides (OpenLearning and Biomedical Education Skills and Training (BEST) Network: Video / Paper)



Digital Credentials

XCredit (Muzzy Lane and Education Design Lab: Video / Paper)

Integrated Digital Curriculum to Enable Student-Centered Learning

Building an Interoperable Statewide Digital Ecosystem (SAFARI Montage and South Carolina Department of Education: Video / Paper)


2022 Learning Impact Siver Award Winner image


Evolution to Transformative Digital Learning Experiences/Environments

Haverhill Makes Quick Recovery From Ransomware Attack With ClassLink (ClassLink and Haverhill Public Schools: Video / Paper)

Integrated Digital Curriculum to Enable Student-Centered Learning

HenryConnects (Common Good Learning Tools and Henry County Schools: Video / Paper)




Adaptive Learning, Online Homework, and Assessment

Learning e-Portal – 'L-Gate' (Uchida Yoko Co., Ltd.: Video / Paper)

Competency-Based Innovation

Competency-Based Tracking for Interprofessional Education Leveraging Institutional Data (University of Michigan: Video / Paper)

Digital Credentials

BadgeMe, IBM's Badge Application Workflow Solution (IBM: Video / Paper)




Adaptive Learning, Online Homework, and Assessment

  • Open AI Language Learning Authoring and Execution Tools Leveraged by QTI / LTI (Digital Knowledge Co. Ltd.: Video / Paper)

Assessment Enhancement With Digital Technology

  • MagicBox and Folens Ease Assessment with Homework Space (Magic Edtech: Video / Paper)

  • University of Leeds Accomplishes a "Digital by Default" Strategy with Gradescope by Turnitin (Turnitin and University of Leeds: Video / Paper)

Blended Learning Optimization

  • Enhancing HyFlex Instruction for Multiple Learning Modalities (Purdue University Teaching and Learning Technologies: Video / Paper)

  • Happy Students, Happy Learners: Lt Increases Student Engagement at the University of Auckland (ADInstruments and University of Auckland: Video / Paper)

  • Kaplan's MCAT® Live Online Course: Blending Personalized Asynchronous Learning with Compelling Live (Kaplan: Video / Paper)

Collaborative Digital Learning

  • FeedbackFruits Tool Suite at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania (FeedbackFruits and The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania: Video / Paper)

  • High Resolves: Empowering Young People from Across the Globe with Real-Time, High-Impact Learning (OpenLearning and High Resolves: Video / Paper)

Competency-Based Innovation

  • Art Courses Provide Real-World Evidence of Knowledge and Skills Mastery (Florida Virtual School and FlexPoint Education Cloud: Video / Paper)

Digital Credentials

  • Comprehensive Learner Record (CLR) Program using Parchment Award CLR Services (Parchment and Temple University: Video / Paper)

  • UNDP in Turkey: Education Mapping and Workforce Alignment of Syrian Refugees in Gaziantep (Sertifier and UNDP: Video / Paper)

Digital Learning Networks

  • BellXcel - An Evidence-Based Youth Programming Software (BellXcel and Magic Edtech: Video / Paper)

  • Implementing NEO LMS at Mindbuilders Preschool (Cypher Learning and Mindbuilders Preschool: Video / Paper)

Education-to-Work Partnerships

  • CTE Courses Build Soft Skills & Increase Employability (Florida Virtual School and FlexPoint Education Cloud: Video / Paper)

Educational Accessibility and Personalization

  • Pikmykid Notification System (Pikmykid: Video / Paper)

  • Proximity Learning: Connecting All Learners with the Expert Teachers They Deserve (Proximity Learning: Video / Paper)

Educational Application, Content, and Media Infrastructure

  • A New Integrated Learning Platform "" (Casio Computer Co., Ltd.: Video / Paper)

  • mCourser (Learnetic SA: Video / Paper)

Gaming, Simulation, and Immersive Learning

  • Conscious Capitalism Simulation: Teaching Corporate Responsibility through Serious Games (Marketplace Simulations and Western Governors University: Video / Paper)

  • JA Titan® Blended Model Program (Junior Achievement USA: Video / Paper)

  • Re-energize Students: Using the Metaverse to Immerse Students in their Learning Experience in Online (Virbela. Tec Virtual Campus and Instituto Tecnológico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey: Video / Paper)

  • Synapse VR (Nucco and Southern New Hampshire University: Video / Paper)

Learning Analytics

  • Elements of Success – Promoting Self-Regulated Learning through Learning Analytics (University of Iowa: Video / Paper)

Scaling Pedagogical Knowledge and Practice

  • DigitalEd Helps University of the Sciences Deliver Engaging Online Learning in STEM (DigitalEd and University of the Sciences: Video / Paper)

  • Noni™ – a Digital Coach for Building Trauma-Sensitive Classrooms (Noni and Teaching Strategies: Video / Paper)


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