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Member Briefing: Opportunities with the Learn & Work Ecosystem Library

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The Learn & Work Ecosystem Library is a digital, community-owned open resource that informs the evolving learn-and-work ecosystem. The Library collaborates with key organizations, such as AACRAO, The EvoLLLution, and 1EdTech—providing our members with access to a wealth of reference information and resources on connecting education with career opportunities.

The Learn & Work Ecosystem Library team will share its growing collection of artifacts (initiatives, topics, organizations, glossary, index, archive, research center, relational maps), search options, use of AI, and partnerships with institutions and organizations in the learn-and-work ecosystem. Learn how they acquire information, especially to stay current on key initiatives working to improve the many components of the ecosystem.

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Learn & Work Ecosystem Library Speakers:

  • Matthew Valdez, Librarian
  • Holly Zanville, Founder & Team Lead


  • Kelly Hoyland, Director, Higher Education Programs, 1EdTech


August 13th 1:00 PM EDT - August 13th 2:00 PM EDT
Tuesday, August 13th 20241 - 2 PM EDT
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