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ATD International Conference & EXPO

Digital Credentials: The New Currency in Skills-Based Hiring and Development?

The world of work is changing rapidly, and employers need to find new ways to hire and manage talent who have the skills they need to do the job but not necessarily a college degree. Traditional methods, such as relying on college degrees and resumes, are no longer enough. Skills-based hiring and talent management is now a requirement. But without the benefit of the degree“proxy,” how can employers identify candidates with the knowledge, skills, and capabilities they need now and into the future? One important digital transformation underway involves how knowledge and skills are recognized and credentialed, not with a paper transcript or diploma or a pdf document but using a data-rich ‘token’ known as a Digital Badge. More than 100 million badges have now been issued worldwide as verified records of knowledge, skills, and related achievements. Join industry leaders to learn how to use digital credentials to improve your skills-based hiring, create a skills cloud, and maximize the skills and capabilities you already have in your organization. Discover the power of digital badges to improve financial, equity, and brand benefits while maximizing the potential of your existing workforce.


  • David Koehn, Vice President, Product, Udemy
  • David Leaser, Co-founder, Digital Badge Academy
  • Mark Leuba, Vice President, 1EdTech


Location: New Orleans, Louisiana
May 19th 12:00 AM EDT - May 22nd 11:59 PM EDT
Sunday, May 19th - Wednesday, May 22nd 2024All day
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