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AAC&U 2024 Forum on Digital Innovation (Online)

CLR is the New e-Portfolio: Meet the Future of Digital Learner Records

Delve into the transformative power of Comprehensive Learner Records (CLRs) as the next evolutionary step in e-portfolios. Uncover how CLRs redefine student learning documentation, offering innovative approaches for capturing growth. Experience the benefits of a standardized data structure, fostering effortless sharing and eliminating obstacles for learners on their educational journey. Join us to explore the potential of CLRs in shaping the future of education.


  • Chris Davis, Vice President, Academic Quality, UMGC
  • Kelly Hoyland, Director of Higher Education Programs, 1EdTech



February 9th 10:00 AM EST - February 9th 6:00 PM EST
Friday, February 9th 202410 AM - 6 PM EST
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