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2024 Assessment Institute in Indianapolis

1EdTech Community Sessions

Assessing Learning At Work: Enabling Students to Articulate Skills through Immersive Experiences

Imagine an opportunity where students can practice in-demand skills through outcomes-based learning at their higher ed institution—and then create a personal learning portfolio that goes beyond traditional transcripts. The Digital Corps at Ball State University comprises student employees, working with nine full-time staff. The Corps takes on projects from across the university, serving both academic and administrative units. This session captures the collaborative approach to assessing student learning in different contexts- ensuring they can practice skills in different environments including through campus jobs linked to the University’s strategic plan.


  • Loren Malm, Vice President for Information Technology, Ball State University
  • Suzanne Carbonaro, Director, Higher Education Programs, 1EdTech
  • Brandon Smith, Executive Director of the Digital Corps, Ball State University

From EdTech Chaos to Student Success: A Roadmap for Sustainable Learning Technology Management

It's a simple fact that institutions need to exchange core enterprise data between systems and tools within their teaching and learning ecosystem. Imagine a scenario where your student information system seamlessly communicates with your learning management system, which in turn connects flawlessly to your edtech tools—from AI to curriculum to assessment. This integration holds the promise of not just better decision-making but also a more dynamic and productive learning environment. In this session, we'll review what you need to build a healthy technology ecosystem that supports innovation inside and outside the classroom. You'll gain insights and resources to manage and sustain your technology to support the direction of your institution and its future impact on student success.


  • Suzanne Carbonaro, Director, Higher Education Programs, 1EdTech
  • Andi Strackeljahn, Curriculum Specialist, School of Optometry at Indiana University Bloomington

Event Information


Location: Indianapolis, Indiana
October 27th 12:00 AM EDT - October 29th 11:59 PM EDT
Sunday, October 27th - Tuesday, October 29th 2024All day
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