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2023 Tech Tactics in Education


2023 Tech Tactics in Education: Data and IT Security in the New Now

Wednesday, November 8, 1:30-2:20 PM ET

Learning Analytics is a Journey—We'll Show You the Way

Enacting a successful Learning Analytics initiative at any institution presents multiple challenges, including administrative buy-in, investment of time and money, guidance and standards for handling data, and faculty collaboration, to name a few. What steps can we take, then, to get from managing large amounts of nebulous data to using it strategically to drive change in the classroom?


  • Andrew Craker, Learning Analytics Specialist at the University of Notre Dame
  • Andrea Deau, Senior Director for Higher Education Programs at 1EdTech
  • Pat Miller, Team Lead, Learning Management and Learning Analytics at the University of Notre Dame

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Wednesday, November 8, 2:00-2:50 PM ET

If You See Something, Say Something: Data Privacy Vetting/Avoiding the “Gotcha” Clauses in Data Privacy Guidelines

Delivering high-quality instructional resources, while also ensuring student data privacy, is no easy feat. It is ongoing, time consuming, and increasingly important. To help lift the load from district leaders while still prioritizing student data privacy, the 1EdTech community created a system to vet the most innovative edtech apps, so individual districts and schools can find the tools that best fit their needs. Learn what to look for when vetting ed tech tools, how to work with ed tech vendor partners to safeguard student data, and the process your fellow districts follow to make the process more effective and efficient.


  • Scott Clark, Director of Media and Instructional Technology, School District of Osceola County
  • Kevin Lewis, Sr., Data Privacy Officer, 1EdTech
  • Krissy Mollo, Coordinator of Teaching and Learning Applications, Volusia County Schools
  • Monica Watts, Senior Director of Learning Innovation, 1EdTech

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November 7th 12:00 AM EST - November 9th 11:59 PM EST
Tuesday, November 7th - Thursday, November 9th 2023All day
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