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Centers of Excellence Program


1EdTech Centers of Excellence (CoE) are a valuable resource for advancing your digital transformation.

1EdTech Contributing Member institutions that have demonstrated a strategic vision and practical experience using 1EdTech standards to enable their own digital ecosystem, establish and lead a CoE for the benefit of other K-12 schools/districts, state agencies, and higher education institutions.

Centers of Excellence focus on:

  • Adoption of a specific 1EdTech standard
  • State-level collaboration on multiple standards
  • Alignment with a 1EdTech key initiative
  • Developing an ecosystem for app sharing
  • Other innovative institutional programs

The CoE program recognizes institutions for providing community leadership, creating and sharing best practices, hosting activities to accelerate the adoption of 1EdTech standards, and helping institutions of all sizes to evolve their next-generation digital learning infrastructure.

As customization and interoperability become increasingly crucial to higher education’s ability to deliver quality instruction, we are honored to host the 1EdTech Center of Excellence for LTI at UCF. We are committed to providing resources, best practices, connections, and a network for promoting standards-based integrations through LTI Advantage. Only by working together will we be able to achieve our collective vision for tomorrow’s students.

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Thomas Cavanagh, Ph.D.
Vice Provost for Digital Learning
University of Central Florida

Nominate Your Institution to be a Center of Excellence

Any institutional 1EdTech Contributing Member at the forefront of adopting 1EdTech standards can be a Center of Excellence. 

You must be able to showcase an implementation or technology project that demonstrates the potential or evidence for improving learning impact. More importantly, you must be willing to let peers see your work "in action." CoE institutions are a leading voice in the field—developing resources and delivering presentations—and a mentor for other organizations.

1EdTech provides opportunities for Centers of Excellence to showcase their work at the annual Learning Impact Conference, highlights in newsletters and on the 1EdTech website, a press release announcing your achievement, and the potential to collaborate on webinars or industry conference presentations.

Broward County Public Schools

Comprehensive Learner Record

Broward is taking student learning and achievements to the next level with the 1EdTech CLR standard.

University of Central Florida


UCF is extending the functionality of its LMS through the Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI) standard.

Edina Public Schools

Personalized Learning Framework

Edina uses 1EdTech standards to support its customized learning paths and competency-based education initiatives.

Volusia County Schools


Volusia County Schools uses the OneRoster standard to improve teaching and learning experiences.

Penn State University


Penn State is committed to LTI Advantage for improved interoperability and protection of student data across its learning tools ecosystem.

Become a Center of Excellence Today!

Contact a 1EdTech K-12 or HED Program Manager to discuss how your institution can become a 1EdTech Center of Excellence.

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