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OneRoster Update Simplifies Work for Educators

1EdTech Community Releases OneRoster 1.2, Encouraging Immediate Adoption


LAKE MARY, Florida, 20 October 2022 — Keeping track of student progress and leveraging that data to help students succeed just got a lot easier thanks to the latest version of 1EdTech’s OneRoster® standard, with version 1.2 released publicly today.

1EdTech (formerly IMS Global) community members across K-12 districts and edtech suppliers collaborated to evolve OneRoster to enable the automated transfer of assessment results and both standards-based and competency-based grades for the benefit of teachers and administrators. Teachers and administrators can now see all of the results data in one system, enabling them to focus time on helping students succeed. They will also save countless hours previously spent manually recording grades and scores.

OneRoster allows schools to securely and reliably exchange roster information, course material information, and grades between systems. The 1.2 update works with other 1EdTech standards, including Question and Test Interoperability® (QTI®), Learning Tools Interoperability® (LTI®), and Caliper®, to allow its assessment results profile to pull more detailed information from various systems and tools, and transfer that data directly back to one gradebook of record. 

Assessment and grade information becomes even more valuable to educators when combined with 1EdTech’s Competencies and Academic Standards Exchange® (CASE®). CASE matches the digital content to state academic standards, giving educators a better sense of how well a student is grasping the required concepts. 

With all this information, teachers can better tailor lessons or extra assistance to an individual student’s needs by assigning assessments or additional resources for the needs of individual students. 

“OneRoster has been the lynchpin to enable a better K-12 digital ecosystem for several years,  and now OneRoster will make it easier to provide data across a district’s ecosystem to educators automatically, and in time to help students,” said Dr. Rob Abel, 1EdTech CEO. “We encourage all market participants to achieve OneRoster v1.2 certification as soon as possible to enable these benefits for end-users.”

“The inclusion of Learning Objectives in the OneRoster 1.2 standard will allow standards- and competency-based gradebooks to communicate across platforms,” explained Rachel Johnson, Director of Enterprise Solutions, Loudoun County Schools. “The result will be collectively hundreds of teacher hours saved as the double entry of grades in LMS and official gradebooks will now be an archaic process. Vendors looking to truly improve the outcomes for students and teachers should look to adopt version 1.2 before the 2022-2023 school year is over to allow teachers to take advantage of this opportunity.”

“As both a provider and a consumer of OneRoster data, PowerSchool is excited for the specification improvements addressing problems important to our customers, like Preferred Name Syncing and Score Scales,” said Carrie Vail, Senior Director, Product Management at PowerSchool. “Through the adoption of OneRoster 1.2, there is an opportunity to empower educators by reducing time spent on tedious double-grading entries across a district’s entire digital ecosystem.”

The OneRoster 1.2 version also enhances user management so educators can access everything they need without logging off and back into various tools.

“Gainesville City Schools is happy to support the adoption of this version of OneRoster,” said Jill Hobson, Chief Technology Officer of Gainesville City Schools. “The improvements in security, demographic data and support for standards-based grading using CASE are invaluable to K-12 schools. 1EdTech has been very responsive in developing OneRoster to match the evolving needs of educators.”

“When teachers have actionable information at their fingertips, students more easily experience success,” said Dr. Barry Brahier, Chief Product Officer of Teaching and Learning for Infinite Campus. “OneRoster 1.2 brings OneRoster’s rock-solid interoperability to new realms of information, including support for the standardized test scores with the Assessment Results Profile and competency-based grading approaches by incorporating the Competency and Academic Standards Exchange (CASE) specification. OneRoster 1.2 means 1EdTech is once again making the vision for the edtech ecosystem a reality. And that’s great news for teachers, students, and every K-12 stakeholder.”

“At D2L, we strive to give our customers the solutions and open learning ecosystem they count on so that they can help their students reach their full potential.  As a leader in the edtech ecosystem, we know the critical importance of efficient, standards-based integration. The newly released OneRoster® 1.2 standard enables the flow of critical information that brings alive the promise of competency-based results across platforms, eliminating the need for double entry of grades and saving teachers hundreds of hours collectively. We plan to support school districts that we partner with by adopting the OneRoster 1.2 standard, and we thank 1EdTech for their leadership,” said Stephen Laster, Chief Operating Officer at D2L.

1EdTech encourages suppliers to adopt the new version as quickly as possible so customers may take advantage of all it has to offer. More information on the OneRoster 1.2 specification may be found on the 1EdTech website by clicking here.


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