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Connecting Curriculum to Workforce Skills (Recorded Webinar)

Connecting Curriculum to Workforce Skills

IMS Global organized this webinar as a benefit included in LearningMate's Diamond Sponsorship of the 2019 Learning Impact Leadership Institute. This is not a product endorsement.

Over 90% of students say their reason for education is to get a job or a better job. Is your curriculum aligned to in-demand job skills? Do your learning, assessment, and outcomes technologies work together for end-to-end alignment of competencies? Many educational institutions face challenges in defining valuable competency frameworks, designing learning experiences that help students achieve those competencies, and effectively assessing outcomes. But there is an urgent need to address these issues, as the majority of employers cite an inability to find employees with relevant competencies as a critical business problem, accelerating their shift to skills-based hiring. Learner/workers who can make the connection between the competencies they’ve achieved and the skills employers seek will come out ahead. In this webinar, we’ll discuss how to apply 1EdTech standards and interoperable technologies for end-to-end competency framework definition, curriculum alignment, and outcomes achievement for job-ready, successful learners in your programs.
  • Dr. Deborah Everhart, Researcher, Georgetown University
  • Chris Cardona, Vice President, Sales, Higher Education, LearningMate
  • Mark Leuba, Vice President, Product Management, 1EdTech Consortium
Event Date: 29 October 2019
Duration: 58 minutes


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