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1EdTech Consortium Announces Ecosystem Accelerator Program

Global Grid for Learning Becomes the First Integration Services Preferred Partner in New Program to Guarantee Interoperability for Districts and Suppliers Using 1EdTech OneRoster

LAKE MARY, Florida, 20 August 2020 — 1EdTech Consortium (1EdTech/1EdTech), the world-leading non-profit collaborative advancing educational technology impact, announced today new services to verify and guarantee proper implementation of the popular 1EdTech OneRoster® standard in school districts. The Ecosystem Accelerator Program is a first worldwide—going beyond product certification to ensuring that products integrate reliably across the edtech ecosystem. Global Grid for Learning (GG4L) is the first edtech integration services provider to include the new OneRoster Compatibility Check in GG4L products. Existing preferred partners Savvas Learning and McGraw-Hill Education already included their full set of digital curriculum products in OneRoster Compatibility Check through the program.

OneRoster Compatibility Check is an integration testing and issue resolution service that empowers school districts to put digital resources into the hands of teachers and students on day one of learning. The OneRoster Compatibility Check services identify integration requirements between a district and its certified products and display the results in a user-friendly dashboard to show technical gaps and steps to ensure compatibility. Thus, school districts can compare the compatibility of their data with any digital resource or tool provider implementing OneRoster. Edtech suppliers can similarly check the compatibility of their rostering requirements with district data systems. 1EdTech provides issue resolution, working with both suppliers and districts to guarantee that products integrate successfully.

As an 1EdTech Preferred Partner, GG4L provides seamless integration between 1EdTech OneRoster Compatibility Check and GG4L’s Connect Platform to guarantee compliance and compatibility of OneRoster data. Verifying rostering information using the GG4L Connect Platform and OneRoster Compatibility Check helps districts identify and resolve data, compliance, and compatibility issues with supplier partners before they become costly problems. 1EdTech and GG4L are working together to onboard suppliers and districts into the program to ensure transparency and confidence when implementing the 1EdTech OneRoster standard.

"The 1EdTech Ecosystem Accelerator Program provides the clarity, trust, and transparency that educational institutions expect to help them build a seamless digital ecosystem," said Dr. Rob Abel, CEO, 1EdTech Consortium. "Working together with organizations like GG4L—the first authorized 1EdTech Ecosystem Accelerator Program Preferred Partner for integration services—we're supporting districts and suppliers with faster, more reliable ways to identify and resolve gaps in their OneRoster data exchange, so they can ensure equitable access to digital learning materials when teachers and students need them."

“We are honored to be a Preferred Partner for the 1EdTech Ecosystem Accelerator Program to assist both schools and vendors to plug-and-play using 1EdTech OneRoster Compatibility Check,” said Robert Iskander, Chairman and CEO, Global Grid for Learning. “Schools can now enforce open interoperability standards compliance from all of their vendors without any hesitation.”

The Ecosystem Accelerator Program is currently available to 1EdTech Contributing Members. Learn more about the program and how to participate at

About 1EdTech Consortium
1EdTech Consortium is a non-profit organization that advances technology to scale and improve educational participation and attainment affordably. 1EdTech members are leading suppliers, higher education institutions, K-12 districts and schools, and government organizations that enable better teaching and learning by collaborating on interoperability and adoption initiatives. 1EdTech sponsors the annual Learning Impact program, which focuses on recognizing the impact of innovative technology on educational access, affordability, and quality while developing the leadership and ideas to help shape the future of educational technology.


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