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1EdTech Consortium and National eLearning Center of Saudi Arabia Announce Next Phase of 1EdTech Middle East North Africa Collaboration

As the use of technology in education and training accelerates in the region, 1EdTech MENA focuses on the power of certification to global open standards


LAKE MARY, Florida, USA and RIYADH, Saudi Arabia, June 5, 20231EdTech™ Consortium (1EdTech), the world-leading non-profit collaborative powering learner potential, and 1EdTech Contributing Member, the National eLearning Center (NELC) of Saudi Arabia, today announced a new phase of collaboration to encourage the development of the MENA edtech ecosystem by encouraging 1EdTech certification.

More than 6,000 edtech products from hundreds of suppliers are currently certified to 1EdTech open standards for interoperability. These standards cover a range of product capabilities ranging from the ability to integrate learning apps, tools, and platforms seamlessly to achieve better user experiences to the ability to issue micro-credentials that travel with the learner throughout their lifetime across credential platforms.

Implementation of the 1EdTech standards by product providers typically saves millions of dollars a year previously spent on custom integrations while also enabling flexibility and choice for education and training providers, instructors, and learners.

“Collaboration among the institutions across all sectors is the enabler for achieving lifelong learning for all,” said Najm Alhemsi, the Deputy Director General for Investments and Partnerships at NELC. “Interoperability and integration are essential to bring in efficiency and effectiveness. We see our partnership with 1EdTech will act as a driver in empowering the Edtech ecosystem, nationally and regionally, in addition, enabling national Edtech companies to offer their services globally and encourage investments in the Edtech landscape.”

1EdTech is the world’s largest edtech collaboration across K-12, higher education, and corporate education, consisting of nearly 900 member organizations. The members of 1EdTech are leaders in applying digital technology to support learning in all delivery modalities.

“Personalized learning at scale that meets the needs of diverse populations is made possible by an open, trusted and innovative edtech ecosystem that supports choice and quality,” said Dr. Rob Abel, CEO of 1EdTech. “1EdTech is grateful for the leadership in the MENA region by NELC in enabling high-quality learning experiences for all.”

About NELC

The National eLearning Center was established as an independent entity by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Council of Ministers’ decision No (35) in 1439 H. Aims to enhance trust in the eLearning programs, leading innovation in learning digital transformation and enabling the integration among educational institutions and employers.

About 1EdTech

1EdTech is a member-based non-profit community partnership of leading educational providers at all levels, government organizations, and edtech suppliers working together to enable better digital teaching and learning. Together we power learner potential by accelerating an open, trusted, and innovative education ecosystem in which products work together to enable better learning.

1EdTech hosts the annual Learning Impact conference and other engagement opportunities to advance the leadership and ideas that shape the future of learning. 1EdTech is supported by an affiliated public charity, the 1EdTech Foundation, that puts philanthropic funds to work for our cause. Visit our website at

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