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1EdTech Celebrates New Brand and Accelerated Growth in Latest Annual Report

2022 Annual Report Highlights Innovative Collaborations and Solutions

LAKE MARY, Florida, May 9, 20231EdTech Consortium (1EdTech), the world-leading non-profit collaborative powering learner potential, announced the 17th consecutive year of membership growth in its Annual Report for the 2022 fiscal year, expanding the goal of an open, trusted and innovative edtech ecosystem worldwide.

1EdTech saw membership grow 24% to 864 member organizations by the end of 2022. 1EdTech members range from K-12 and higher education institutions, government agencies, non-profits, corporate learning organizations, and edtech suppliers. Together, these diverse groups of educational stakeholders collaborate to find solutions that benefit teaching and learning at all levels.

In the years coming out of the COVID pandemic, which accelerated the use of educational technology around the world, 1EdTech members refocused efforts to build an open, trusted, and innovative edtech ecosystem; create more options for personalized learning; help learners capture and share their achievements throughout their lifetime; and ensure ecosystems provide usable insights and data. 

To highlight the power these unique collaborations bring to education, the organization rebranded itself from IMS Global Learning Consortium to 1EdTech Consortium

Other major announcements throughout the year highlighted how more learners are receiving the benefits of 1EdTech members’ collaborative work:

In 2022, 1EdTech’s revenue totaled more than $6,800,000, and net assets were more than $8,600,000. 1EdTech invests in open standards and support software to enable and validate products working together. 1EdTech’s broad community collaboration accelerates the adoption of open standards-based products, enabling edtech ecosystems with better usability, rapid innovation, and lower costs. Suppliers that fully embrace the ecosystem save millions of dollars on engineering and development costs while becoming more responsive to the needs of their customers. 

“1EdTech’s membership continues to grow because together our members create the foundation for an edtech ecosystem that works for everyone, especially the learners,” said Dr. Rob Abel, 1EdTech CEO. “The 1EdTech collaboration is distinctively unique and productive. We bring together leaders from K-12 school districts, state agencies, higher education institutions, and suppliers to grapple with key challenges holding back the effectiveness of edtech. They then develop a technical foundation, available to all through open standards, that radically shifts the expectations for what edtech can do. I am so proud of the work our members do every day to power learner potential.”  

“Everyone deserves a quality education, and 1EdTech is committed to making that a reality,” said Melissa Loble, 1EdTech Board Chair. “1EdTech members are passionate and innovative leaders who find solutions that work and benefit teaching and learning worldwide.” 

View the interactive 1EdTech 2022 Annual Report here.

About 1EdTech

1EdTech is a member-based non-profit community partnership of leading educational providers at all levels, government organizations, and edtech suppliers working together to enable better digital teaching and learning. Together we power learner potential by accelerating an open, trusted, and innovative education ecosystem in which products work together to enable better learning.

1EdTech hosts the annual Learning Impact conference and other engagement opportunities to advance the leadership and ideas that shape the future of learning. 1EdTech is supported by an affiliated public charity, the 1EdTech Foundation, that puts philanthropic funds to work for our cause. Visit our website at

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