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1EdTech Announces New Resources for Edtech Suppliers to Certify Products for Interoperability

Edtech suppliers will soon be able to test and certify tools using TAMS


LAKE MARY, Florida, June 4, 20241EdTech® Consortium will detail plans for new resources suppliers can use to create applications that fit into an open, trusted, and innovative edtech ecosystem this week during the 2024 Learning Impact Conference in Salt Lake City, Utah.

1EdTech is working to incorporate a certification suite and testing tools to help supplier members ensure they will meet the interoperability standards their current and future customers are asking for. The tools will be accessible through the TrustEd Apps Management Suite (TAMS) so developers can test as they build.

K-12 and higher education institutions already use TAMS to sort through edtech options and build their individual digital learning ecosystems. Now, 1EdTech is bringing in resources for suppliers to allow all members to collaborate in one location.

The new tools will allow developers to log into TAMS and test the standard specifications they implement as they build the applications. When the applications are ready, they can be certified in the management suite, and educators can see which applications meet their certification and vetting requirements.

1EdTech will start with testing and certification tools for the LTI® Advantage and LTI Advantage Data standards and then add other standards. While at Learning Impact, developers will have the opportunity to learn more about the new tools in the “Tech @ 1EdTech” session and to test them out during the “TAMS Diagnostics & Certifications: LTI Plug-in Party.”

“This will be a major time-saver for our supplier members because they’ll be able to work with the standards as they go, not having to check at the end and then go back and fix whatever may be wrong,” explained Blaine Helmick, 1EdTech vice president of software. “Our institutional members already tell us about the huge benefits they receive from TAMS. Now, our supplier members can take advantage of it and take another step toward a truly open, trusted, and innovative edtech ecosystem.”

1EdTech’s 2024 Learning Impact Conference will be held through June 6. 1EdTech will also have a Learning Impact Europe Conference in Barcelona, Spain, October 9-11, 2024.

About 1EdTech

1EdTech is a member-based non-profit community partnership of leading education providers at all levels, government organizations, and edtech suppliers who collaborate to accelerate an open, trusted, and innovative digital learning ecosystem. We power learner potential by creating the foundation for a learner-centered and future-ready ecosystem where products work together to improve teaching and learning for all.

1EdTech hosts the annual Learning Impact Conference, Digital Credentials Summit, and other engagement opportunities to advance the leadership and ideas shaping the future of learning. The 1EdTech Foundation, an affiliated public charity, uses philanthropic funds to support 1EdTech's vision. Visit our website at


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