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Seven leading education organizations collaborate on five Quality Indicators for edtech and AI products to ease the burden on schools.

Welcome to the World’s Most
United Educational Technology Community

The 1EdTech community of leaders across K-12, higher education, and edtech suppliers is committed to building an open, trusted, and innovative digital learning ecosystem at every level.


How We Power Learner Potential Now and Into the Future

Our passion is making day-to-day activities easier and more impactful for educators, administrators, and learners by connecting everyone to the best digital learning experiences imaginable. This global effort is guided by our four strategic imperatives.

Transformative Digital Learning

Achieve a responsive, innovative, and trusted ecosystem



Personalized Learner Journeys

Give learners and faculty a foundation of choice and personalization



Achievement, Opportunity, and Employment

Help learners capture and share achievements for a lifetime of opportunities



Learner Success, Retention, and Outcomes

Ensure your ecosystem provides usable insights and reliable data

Leverage Our Partnerships and Collaborations

Our community advances innovative work across six workstreams, which support four strategic imperatives. These imperatives and workstreams in various combinations help educators and edtech suppliers advance what's happening across the education landscape today while preparing for tomorrow. It's how together we power learner potential.

Imperatives and Workstreams
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1EdTech Community Events and Activities

1EdTech offers opportunities to learn, share, and network with academic and technical leaders. Our continuous commitment propels us to meet the increasing demands of today's learners and empowers us to face the challenges ahead.


Please join us!

Keep ahead of the curve, roll-up your sleeves, and gain valuable insights from our 1EdTech experts.


Oct 9-11   Barcelona

Join us at the premiere event to explore opportunities and solutions to advance a global digital learning ecosystem.


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1EdTech Member Stories

1Edtech members inspire, connect, and propel collaboration, offering diverse experiences that motivate
and provide invaluable lessons. Learn and grow with us as we propel our community forward.


Creating an Equitable Ecosystem with Intention

A 1EdTech membership allows Prince William County to be more intentional and strategic with the edtech tools it uses in its classrooms, improving both data security and equity across the district's digital ecosystem.


Scalable Solutions in European Ecosystems

Alignment of the ecosystem with public values is particularly important in Europe, and 1EdTech is there to help organizations ensure learners worldwide can have access to secure, accessible educational resources.




Supporting Innovation in Teaching and Learning

The University of Michigan is thrilled that its faculty can more freely experiment, innovate, and assess the effectiveness of educational learning and teaching tools, all thanks to the adoption of 1EdTech open standards.

32 Countries

1059 Member Organizations

Global Impact


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We’re Proud of Our 1EdTech Members


Together We All Go Forward Faster

When you join 1EdTech, you’ll work collaboratively with the brightest minds in education and technology. Whether as a Contributing, Affiliate, or Alliance member, our spirit fuels our determination to improve education.

It's Time to Add Your Voice and Leadership
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Integrated learning environments are key to student and teacher success.

The TrustEd Apps initiative by 1EdTech fosters easier integrations with edtech tools to get teachers teaching and students learning.

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James Corns
Executive Director
Baltimore County Public Schools

1EdTech creates a unique space for universities and edtech suppliers to surface, discuss issues, and work together on technical solutions and standards in order to improve the ecosystem for everyone. I am grateful that UC is a 1EdTech Contributing Member.

Icon representing Michelle Lew
Michelle Lew
Director, Teaching and Learning Technologies
University of California System



An open learning ecosystem simplifies our conversations with school districts, and higher ed institutions, because it allows them to focus on teaching and learning, and their own innovation strategies, instead of trying to manage different vendors coming together.

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Melissa Loble
Chief Academic Officer



TrustEd Apps Badge Program

Edtech You Can Trust to Be Easy, Meaningful, and Safe

As a community, 1EdTech aims to support teaching and learning in all educational environments. We know educators need tools and systems that can evolve with their ever-changing challenges. The TrustEd AppsTM Program helps you build an open, trusted, and innovative digital learning ecosystem at every level.
Discover all four program components: TrustEd Apps Pledge, TrustEd Apps Vetting & Certification, TrustEd Apps Management Suite, and the TrustEd Apps Certified Leader.

TrustEd Apps Program


Recent Product Certifications

The TrustEd Apps Directory is the easiest way to search and review digital education products that have passed data privacy and interoperability certification. Products certified by 1EdTech are the best way to reduce implementation costs and ensure all your learning tools and content work together.

TrustEd Apps Directory


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