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TrustEd Apps Pledge Governance

TrustEd Apps Pledge Governance


1EdTech Consortium desires all endorsers of the TrustEd Apps Pledge to take their rights and responsibilities under the pledge seriously. 1EdTech has established a method to accept reports of purported non-compliance applicable to 1EdTech standards, as follows:

  1. Issues can be submitted via web form by organizations that have endorsed the pledge indicating the specific details of non-adherence by another endorser related to 1EdTech work.

  2. 1EdTech will review the issue promptly, including collecting additional information to propose steps to an amicable resolution.

  3. If a resolution between the parties cannot be reached or if the governance process reveals issues in a party's support of any aspects of the pledge (e.g., openness and timeliness about a data breach), 1EdTech reserves the right to revoke an organization's pledge commitment.



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