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LTI Proctoring Services

Ensures Academic Integrity and Test Credibility

As the number of online classes increases, educators of all levels turn to online proctoring solutions to offer convenient exams for their students. The LTI® Proctoring Services specification (available here) aligns with best-in-class learning management systems and assessment platforms to deliver a credible and secure user experience for test-takers, administrators, and proctors.

LTI Proctoring Services builds on the LTI 1.3 standard to safeguard the verification, launch, and integrity of online exams.



K-12 and higher education benefit with the LTI Proctoring Services standard.

Fully-automated Verification

Initiate exams effortlessly with a browser-based launch sequence between assessment platforms and proctoring tools of your choice.

Uninterrupted Exams

Provide your students with live proctoring support with candidate screen share, on-camera interaction, and microphones.

Secure Credibility

Monitor test-taker behavior and alert when needed to protect your academic integrity and degree reputation.

Ready to bring online proctoring to your institution?

LTI Proctoring Services helps ensure the integrity of every assessment—every time. Check out everything you need to know about this new standard!


Designed for Your Plug-And-Play Digital Ecosystem

These leading technology providers and institutions collaborated to bring the LTI Proctoring Services to release. Join us and become a part of the education technology innovation revolution

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