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Project Group and Task Force Participation Acknowledgement

By participating in a 1EdTech® Consortium Project Group or Task Force, you hereby acknowledge that the 1EdTech Member or Invited Participant organization has elected to participate in the 1EdTech Project Group or Task Force and that he or she is serving as the representative of the organization with respect to the 1EdTech IPR Policy.

The 1EdTech Member or Invited Participant organization and the individual participating and therefore agreeing to this acknowledgment understand the requirement to sign and complete the 1EdTech Intellectual Property Rights Election form (Appendix B of the IPR Policy) at the earlier of the Internal Draft stage and/or six (6) months after the group has been chartered, and will abide by all rules of 1EdTech's IPR Policy

In the event that the individual's personal participation in the project group/task force ceases prior to completion and signing of the Intellectual Property Rights Election form, the Member or Invited Participant organization will designate a replacement representative who shall be required to acknowledge participation by signing a new copy of this agreement. In the event that a replacement representative is not appointed, provision 3.5.ii of the Policy will be applicable.

Documents and materials posted in the forum are made available for the purposes of the project group/task force only and should not be distributed outside of the 1EdTech Contributing Membership without the express written consent of 1EdTech. Provision of any work documents outside of the project group/task force will revoke all privileges as an Invited Guest. Any documents provided to non-participants will be done by 1EdTech only on the 1EdTech public website when the documents become publicly available.

All resources of the project group/task force, including web pages, documents, and any other records of discussions used for sharing project materials/work/communications, must be located only in facilities designated by 1EdTech. These groups may not conduct official business or technical discussions, store documents (except for personal use), or host web pages on servers or systems not designated by 1EdTech. Transcripts or recordings of 1EdTech-sponsored meetings are strictly for use by Contributing Members and are not to be shared with others outside of 1EdTech. Project group/task force participants are authorized to download and work on materials as necessary.

Forum/Github/Slack/Listserv Participation:

  • Participants in the Project Groups are solely responsible for the content of their posts.
  • Posting of technical material, in appropriate circumstances, be deemed a contribution to that Project Group under the 1EdTech IPR Policy. 1EdTech members and participants are responsible for their contributions under the terms described in that policy.
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