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Webinar: We See You, Microcredentials

The TrustEd Microcredential Coalition is providing much-needed clarity on what it means to be a trusted and quality microcredential. Why? Because without it, learners, institutions, and employers will be second-guessing the value of alternative credentials, like digital badges, until the end of time. So, thanks to this group's leadership, we now have a classification model for the types of microcredentials and a framework for defining the data required to be called a TrustEd Microcredential.

Coalition founding members from UMGC and Instructure will walk you through the framework, talk about why it's important to their organizations, and share their commitment to elevating the value of digital credentials. Plus, we'll give you a sneak peek at what's coming next from this group.

Watch the Recording

Download the Slides

View the TrustEd Microcredential Framework.

View the Commitment from Edtech Leaders Endorsing TrustEd Microcredentials


  • Rob Coyle, Digital Credentials Program Manager, 1EdTech

  • Chris Davis, Vice President of Academic Services and Quality, University of Maryland Global Campus

  • Kelly Hoyland, Director of Higher Education Programs, 1EdTech

  • Ryan Lufkin, Vice President of Global Academic Strategy, Instructure




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