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Webinar: Building Trust in Your Digital Learning: Tools to Evaluate Data Privacy, Security Practices, and Accessibility

1EdTech Member Webinar
Thursday, February 1   |   3:00-4:15 PM EST

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Finding the best digital learning tools can be complicated and time-consuming. So, building on its Data Privacy vetting process, the 1EdTech member community developed a set of self-assessment rubrics—covering Generative AI Data, Accessibility, and Security Practices—to help you build trust in your digital learning environment.

Join us for a first-hand look at these new tools. We’ll discuss how they can be effectively utilized:

  • Creating a robust framework for ensuring technology meets the highest privacy and security standards while being accessible to all learners
  • Creating a safer, more inclusive, and compliant digital learning landscape, ultimately enhancing the educational experience for all students

This webinar is an essential opportunity for educational leaders and edtech suppliers looking to stay at the forefront of protecting learner data and removing barriers to learning. Walk away with valuable insights for creating a trusted digital learning environment that respects student privacy, ensures robust security, and champions accessibility for all learners.


  • Beatriz Arnillas, Vice President of Product Management, 1EdTech
  • Kelly Hermann, Vice President, Accessibility, Equity & Inclusion, University of Phoenix
  • Kelly Hoyland, Director of Higher Education Programs, 1EdTech (moderator)
  • Kevin Lewis, Data Privacy Officer, 1EdTech


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