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Member Briefing: We DID It! New Opportunities with the Uniform Resource ID

This briefing webinar is for 1EdTech members only.

Join us to learn more about our plans for the Uniform Resource ID Framework.

The Uniform Resource ID Framework integrates Decentralized Identifiers (DIDs) into the 1EdTech ecosystem. This Framework represents a strategic enhancement to the existing digital identity management systems used in edtech. It is important to note that this approach is not about replacing current systems but enriching them, offering an additional layer of security, privacy, and interoperability that complements and strengthens the existing infrastructure.

The introduction of did:web by the Uniform ID Task Force marks a significant advancement in digital identity management within the digital education ecosystem. This technology offers many new opportunities, complementing existing identity solutions and aligning with our commitment to security, privacy, and innovation in educational technology.

Excited? Yes! Want more details? 1EdTech's Technical Architect Tim Couper and Program Manager Jacques Menasche will get you up-to-speed in this member briefing on Thursday, August 1, at Noon EDT.

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August 1st 12:00 PM EDT - August 1st 12:30 PM EDT
Thursday, August 1st 202412 - 12:30 PM EDT
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