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Common Cartridge®/Thin Common Cartridge® Certification Process

Common Cartridge® and Thin Common Cartridge®
Certification Process

Together we can power learner potential in four easy steps.





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Need support before determining your product’s certification readiness? 

Make sure to identify and choose the appropriate tools and/or cartridge(s). Certifications for a tool versus a cartridge vary slightly. Be sure to identify:

  • Cartridges
  • Read Tools - Tools that read in cartridges.
  • Write Tools - Tools that export or create cartridges.
  • Read/Write Tools - Tools that both read cartridges and export cartridges and are able to import and export the same cartridge(s).
  • Runners - Tools that allow you to import and play common cartridges.






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Use our 1EdTech Certification Suite to test as often as you like.

Do you have over 25 cartridges that are all generated the same way?
If so, test a subset (at least 25%) of the cartridges. A list of the remaining cartridges should be submitted with the relevant metadata contained to once the initial set of cartridges is validated.

Plus! Make sure to send your report from the validator, cartridges, and other certification materials to






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Send us your test results for official validation.

  • Submit test results. This will be reviewed by 1EdTech Staff.
    • Make sure to send your cartridge(s), your results, and the form document in the email with your certification submission. A link to a folder containing the cartridge(s) is also acceptable.
  • Provide additional product information as requested by 1EdTech staff for display in the TrustEd Apps Directory.

Our 1EdTech staff manually reviews your test results with a fine-tooth comb. Please note it may take some time for the results to be validated.






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Let's celebrate and show off your new 1EdTech certification!


Proudly displaying the 1EdTech Certified logo on your website, marketing materials, and social promos lets your current and future customers know you value interoperability.





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