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No Time to Wait to Adopt LTI 1.3

Everyone working in technology knows it evolves fast, and we need to adjust to keep up with the latest developments constantly. 1EdTech standards and certifications are no different.

That’s why educational institutions and technology providers should ensure they are certifying and working with the latest standards.

One prime example is LTI® 1.3 and LTI Advantage. The updated certifications were released in 2021 to follow the most secure standards and protocols for integration.

A recent CoSN State of EdTech Leadership survey found cybersecurity is the number one concern for K-12 IT leaders and has been for the last five years. Security is important, and needs have changed since LTI 1.1 came out, which is why 1EdTech no longer certifies or supports LTI 1.1 integrations.

“LTI 1.1 used a shared paradigm secret, so both the LMS and applications knew the secret. That is more people who can accidentally leak the secret and compromise the other party's security. Plus, it’s harder to change,” explained Claude Vervoort, architect for Cengage and co-chair of 1EdTech’s LTI work group. “With LTI 1.3, there is no secret being shared. Instead, everyone has their own secret and will not compromise the security of their partners while still allowing the tools to work together.”

LTI 1.3 also takes advantage of the latest industry-standard protocols that help protect sensitive information (OAuth 2.0 and Open ID Connect). This helps ensure that only authorized individuals can access certain information and adds extra security when tools communicate.

Basically, LTI 1.3 helps keep personal information and educational data safe when using multiple tools or platforms for learning.

In addition to the security benefits, the latest certification also opens up new opportunities for richer integrations with current and future partners, including better roster transfers, easier grade passback, and seamless deep linking.

“When you certify for LTI 1.3 or LTI Advantage, you position yourself to be able to support more and more services; it allows you to perform richer integrations moving forward,” said Vervoort.

LTI isn’t the only standard that’s been upgraded in the last few years. New versions of OneRoster®, QTI®, Open Badges, and CLR can also improve the impact of learning and teaching tools, make them more secure as we work to stay ahead of the edtech curve, and address new challenges that arise as technology evolves.

1EdTech members are encouraged to attend our upcoming Fall Technical Meeting in Atlanta this November. Technical and mid-tech level education professionals will gain a deeper understanding of 1Edtech standards, learn about what 1EdTech is working on next, and receive face-to-face support as you work to implement 1EdTech standards to meet your organization’s teaching and learning goals.

About the Author

Tim Couper

Tim Couper is a technical standards architect for 1EdTech with more than 20 years of expertise in advanced software integration and infrastructure development across various industries, including telecommunications, pharmaceuticals, and education. He is based in the UK and is heavily involved in developing and supporting 1EdTech’s standards.


Published on 2023-09-07

PUBLISHED ON 2023-09-07

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