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1EdTech Launches Leadership Certification to Design and Implement a Trusted EdTech Ecosystem

The TrustEd Apps Certified Leader Program kicks off at the 2022 Digital Curriculum and App Innovation Summit


LAKE MARY, Florida, 7 November 2022 — 1EdTech™ Consortium, the leading non-profit educational technology partnership worldwide, launched the TrustEd Apps Certified Leader (TACL) Program for improving the digital learning experience today. TACL is designed to help K-12 and higher education leaders develop a comprehensive strategy to implement a trusted, open, and innovative, best-in-class edtech ecosystem at their institutions.

“We’ve reached the point when every institution, K-12 through higher education, and even professional development, use some type of digital learning,” said Dr. Rob Abel, 1EdTech CEO. “1EdTech uses open standards to improve the instructional experience by blending together technical innovation with effective pedagogical practices. This program walks participants through that process and helps them apply the skills and knowledge they gain to design a trusted digital learning ecosystem.”

The program is divided into five learning modules: data privacy and accessibility; curriculum innovation and strategies; designing the digital learning ecosystem; data insights for learner success; and learner achievement opportunities. The first module for the initial cohort kicked off at 1EdTech’s Digital Curriculum and App Innovation Summit this morning.

“As director of instructional technology, I need to combine my curriculum knowledge, as a former teacher, with more technical knowledge,” said Leigh Anne Scherer, director of instructional technology for North Clackamas Schools in Oregon. “These modules help me bridge that gap so we can have productive and in-depth conversations when finding the best tools to use in the district.”

“Companies should be held to a higher standard to ensure the tools will do what they say they do,” said Greg Bagby, coordinator of instructional technology for Hamilton County Schools. “This is a place where I can verify tools are compatible and compliant with what I have in place in my ecosystem.”

“I want a better understanding of data privacy to provide knowledge back to our districts and teachers,” said Angela Ingram, knowledge and interoperability manager for Georgia’s Department of Education. “There is a lot of important information that educators at all levels need to understand to protect our students’ information.”

Each module will take approximately ten hours to complete, with three different components: synchronous learning, an individual project, and an assessment. Participants will earn a digital open badge (a portable, verifiable credential that can be shared across all platforms implementing the Open Badges 2.0 standard) for each completed module, and become TACL certified once all five badges are earned. The TACL certifications earned by this cohort are planned to be awarded at 1EdTech’s Learning Impact Conference to be held in Anaheim, California, June 5-8, 2023.

More information on the program can be found by clicking here.


About 1EdTech
1EdTech is a member-based non-profit community partnership of leading educational providers at all levels, government organizations, and edtech suppliers working together to enable better digital teaching and learning. This unique collaboration establishes the connectivity that accelerates an open, innovative, and trusted education ecosystem in which products work together to enable better learning. Together, we power learner potential. 1EdTech hosts the annual Learning Impact conference and other engagement opportunities to advance the leadership and ideas that shape the future of learning. 1EdTech is supported by an affiliated public charity, the 1EdTech Foundation, that puts philanthropic funds to work for our cause. Visit our website at


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