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1EdTech Consortium Announces Student Learning Data Model to Support Teaching and Learning Analytics

Visualization Tool Powers Insights into Learner-Centric Data Across K-12 and Higher Education

LAKE MARY, Florida, 11 November 2020 — 1EdTech Consortium (1EdTech/1EdTech), the world-leading non-profit collaborative advancing educational technology impact, announced today the release of the community-driven Student Learning Data Model for educational stakeholders to gain insights from the valuable data flowing through their digital ecosystem.

The 1EdTech community developed the Student Learning Data Model as a lens into the myriad data available across the comprehensive set of 1EdTech specifications that enable an informed analysis of edtech product usage, student engagement, and student progress.

Leaders across the 1EdTech community, spanning K-12 and higher education institutions and technology suppliers, collaborated on the model's design and development. 1EdTech is publishing it as an online tool, free and convenient for anyone to use. The model presents information in non-technical terms to make it more meaningful for those unfamiliar with 1EdTech work.

"The 1EdTech community is providing the leadership to make real-time learning analytics possible across the wide variety of educational products in today's market," said Dr. Rob Abel, chief executive officer, 1EdTech Consortium. "The Student Learning Data Model provides clarity on how open standards can work together within a learning institution's digital ecosystem to enable the data needed to improve student success and achievement."

1EdTech invited all education standards organizations to contribute to the Student Learning Data Model project. Currently, the 1EdTech model includes the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) Common Education Data Standards (CEDS). 1EdTech has also developed a sophisticated set of mapping and discovery tools to facilitate the convergence of open standards from different sources.

Student data privacy is an essential component of learning analytics. 1EdTech members created the TrustEd Apps program to guide all suppliers and institutions toward transparency in data use, collection, and sharing. 1EdTech has vetted over 4,000 products of all types using an open standard privacy rubric designed to improve data privacy policies and practices.

The 1EdTech Student Learning Data Model is available at


About 1EdTech Consortium
1EdTech Consortium is a non-profit organization that advances technology to scale and improve educational participation and attainment affordably. 1EdTech members are leading suppliers, higher education institutions, K-12 districts and schools, and government organizations that enable better teaching and learning by collaborating on interoperability and adoption initiatives. 1EdTech sponsors the annual Learning Impact program that focuses on recognizing the impact of innovative technology on educational access, affordability, and quality while developing the leadership and ideas to help shape the future of educational technology.





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