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New 1EdTech Rubrics Provide Valuable Insights for Educators Selecting TrustEd EdTech Tools

AI data privacy, cybersecurity and accessibility rubrics now available in TAMS
for K-12 and Higher Ed


LAKE MARY, Florida, May 15, 2024 — Educators can now gain new insights into how educational technology apps and tools address generative AI data privacy, security practices and accessibility through 1EdTech’s TrustEd Apps™ Management Suite (TAMS).

Edtech suppliers who want to showcase their efforts in these three vital areas and save time by pointing potential partners to one location for answers to common concerns can fill out 1EdTech’s self-assessment rubrics to supplement legislated requirements and other conformance documentation.

“Hundreds of districts across the country are already using TAMS to vet tools on data privacy and interoperability standards,” said Dr. Rob Abel, 1EdTech CEO. “The rubrics on AI data privacy, cybersecurity and accessibility will not only help educators find the best tools to serve their learners’ needs but also allow suppliers to showcase the efforts they’re taking on these vital issues.”

The TrustEd Apps Generative AI Data Rubric is the first phase of what will be a comprehensive rubric to vet and self-assess the way artificial intelligence is managing and using data in edtech tools. The Generative AI Data Privacy rubric is made up of five questions to help educators understand how AI is being used in a tool, if there are opt-in or opt-out clauses for AI use, or if third parties are involved.

The TrustEd Apps Accessibility Rubric will help suppliers highlight their efforts to prioritize accessibility in their tools and allow institutions to find the right edtech partners to help all learners be successful.

Finally, the TrustEd Apps Security Practices Rubric is designed to gather base-level security policies, procedures and processes to help educational institutions determine if a tool is likely to meet the requirements of their vetting process. Suppliers will also gain a better understanding of what is needed and expected by institutions regarding security policies and practices.

All three rubrics are self-assessments, allowing suppliers to update responses to reflect changes in their products and gain a better understanding of what is important to educators in these areas of development. Edtech suppliers are already filling out the rubrics, so 1EdTech members can assess where they stand in these important areas by looking in the TrustEd Apps Management Suite or the TrustEd Apps Directory.

“At VitalSource, security and privacy are fundamental pillars of our solutions and products," said Rick Johnson, co-founder and vice president of solutions engineering and accessibility for VitalSource. "We value the transparency the 1EdTech rubric provides for institutions to compare solutions, identify compliance with key areas, and provide the highest standard of protection for learners.”

“D2L’s commitment to accessibility in learning inspired us to contribute to the development of 1EdTech’s Accessibility Rubric and to submit our own self-assessment,” said Dr. Sambhavi Chandrashekar, global accessibility lead for D2L. “The rubric helps us speak to the richer human side of making our products accessible and enables educators to assess products using the spirit of the law rather than merely checking accessibility conformance reports to satisfy the letter of the law.”

1EdTech member organizations wanting to complete one or all of the rubrics can find instructions on the 1EdTech website. Members may also view all completed rubrics in TAMS or 1EdTech’s TrustEd Apps Product Directory.

In addition to the rubrics, TAMS will now be available to higher education institutional members of 1EdTech.  “Our K-12 members have used TAMS for over a year to curate and catalog their institution's list of approved edtech applications with incredible results,” said Sandra DeCastro, vice president of marketing and higher education programs for 1EdTech. “Our higher education members requested the same type of assistance, and we’re thrilled to be able to offer this service to help streamline their asset management processes, with minor adjustments to fit the specific needs of higher education.”

Institutional leaders who had the opportunity to test TAMS, say they’re excited about the possibilities.  “This is something to get excited about,” said Rob Ditto, technical director for the University of Pennsylvania. “It took me less than an hour to get an example dashboard together for our institution.”

“This is a ready resource that we can leverage to create a really nice dashboard for instructors,” said Jon Werth, educational technology specialist for the Minnesota State System Office. “The functionality and access to a giant product directory with useful information has us pretty excited.”

“This is great because when you have to vet a brand new tool, you don’t feel like you’re doing it all by yourself,” said Kevin Rogers, principal instructional technology consultant for Indiana University. “You’ve got a starting place through TAMS.”

Anyone wanting a more in-depth understanding of TAMS and how to evolve their organization's edtech ecosystem is invited to attend 1EdTech’s Learning Impact Conference in Salt Lake City, June 3 - 6, 2024.

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