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1EdTech Europe

Shaping the edtech ecosystem in Europe





Why join us?

Value we deliver for edtech suppliers in Europe

We help you to :

  • spend less time and resource on integrations
  • comply with European requirements
  • know what standards to use and how to implement them
  • be confident your product can integrate Europe-wide and globally
  • get your product certified to drive customer confidence
  • understand the European market and public values
  • keep up to date with education trends and market insights
  • find collaboration and partnership opportunities

The EU is the world’s largest economy and the world’s largest trading bloc. 

With a population of almost half a billion, it has a huge market for lifelong education from kindergarten through to workforce up-skilling. Its close links with the EEA countries, the UK and its other geographic neighbors increase this even further.

But, as a market - it’s complicated!

Its borderless nature masks differences in how education is governed and managed, differences in language and differences in pedagogy. Europe-wide laws, such as those relating to data protection and privacy, sit alongside layers of localised regulation and procurement can be very different to other parts of the world.


Value we deliver for European education providers

We help you to :

  • spend less time and resource on integrations
  • improve the user experience for learners, teachers and support staff
  • avoid vendor lock in
  • choose tools to fit your pedagogy and processes knowing they work together
  • ensure best practice in procurement
  • influence product development
  • keep up to date with technology trends and market insights
  • learn from other centers of excellence

High quality, inclusive and accessible education, fit for the digital age, is a goal that scales up from the ambitions of individual learning providers to an ambitious vision for borderless education and training in Europe.

To deliver that vision we need an effective digital edtech ecosystem.

As education providers you need to be able to integrate products from global market leaders with in-house systems, systems mandated by professional and regulatory bodies and products from innovative start-ups that support your pedagogical approach and help you differentiate your learning and teaching in key areas.

You also need to be able to connect systems, and exchange data, across national boundaries with due record for privacy, security and ethical considerations.


What does 1EdTech Europe do?


  • bring together users and suppliers of edtech from across the European Community

  • input to the development of global standards to ensure they meet European needs

  • promote the adoption of 1EdTech standards

  • undertake liaison and horizon scanning to help the edtech world identify and respond to emerging developments in European education

  • act as a central point of knowledge about EU regulation and processes and country specific requirements

  • create supported profiles of 1EdTech standards where needed to meet national requirements

  • help suppliers understand which standards are relevant and how to apply them in Europe from procurement through to implementation

  • work collaboratively to solve problems, fix issues and ensure the European edtech ecosystem continues to innovate and enhance learning


How do I join?

1EdTech has a range of membership packages to meet different needs. Packages for global suppliers and education providers can be found here.

We offer heavily discounted contributing membership packages for start-ups and suppliers who operate only in Europe.

Contact our 1EdTech Europe Program Director for more information 


The 1EdTech Europe community

The strength of the 1EdTech Europe community is its diversity:

  • our suppliers range from start-ups to global corporations with a substantial footprint in Europe
  • our education providers range from individual institutions to ministries of education
  • members include a number of the national research and education networks (NRENs) and we have a partnership agreement with EUNIS, the professional association for European higher education.

1EdTech has staff located in Europe and a leadership board focused on European priorities.

Meet the 1EdTech Europe Leadership Board

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