Frequently Asked Questions

What problem does the 1EdTech Service solve?

Seamless integration of technology ensures that digital tools and resources are ready to use on day one of class and easily accessible for the needs of teachers and students. The OneRoster standard has already radically reduced the time and expense associated with educational technology (learning environments, digital resources, learning apps/tools, student information systems) integrations. However, variability in the implementation of IMS standards across a large number of suppliers has prevented true plug and play interoperability that ultimately draws collective community efforts away from a single ecosystem that all stakeholders are jointly investing in. The 1EdTech service from IMS ensures a single ecosystem, based on verifiable use of open standards, that maximizes return on investment in integration across all stakeholders.

What is the 1EdTech Application?

The 1EdTech application is an easy to use web-based service from IMS that makes it easy for users of learning applications and platforms that implement standards-based products to verify compatibility and confirm with a high degree of accuracy that they will be able to connect and pass data in a secure and trusted manner. 1EdTech provides a tools that allow suppliers and districts to verify their data needs and compare against each other’s requirements to ensure smoother implementations every time. The application has been created to initially support the OneRoster standard.

Why is 1EdTech a breakthrough?

1EdTech is a very important next stage of  development in the educational technology sector, with suppliers and institutions creating their own future with respect to a vibrant innovation ecosystem of connected products. Ten years ago very few educational products were connected via open standards, making integrations too expensive for institutions, while resulting in very poor user experiences. Today, the successful adoption of integration standards from IMS has changed this situation, enabling many digital products to be fully integrated on day one in many school districts. 1EdTech’s goal is to accelerate the growth of this already successful IMS open standards based ecosystem to become by far the simplest and most effective approach to educational technology product integrations.

Why is 1EdTech Supporting the OneRoster Initially?

IMS OneRoster is one of the most widely adopted educational technology standards in the world. OneRoster provides the best way to authorize user access to a wide range of digital products and provides a trusted, secure and privacy-enabled mechanism for transfer of user information, progress and results data. It is anticipated that 1EdTech will be able to support additional IMS standards-based connections over time.

Is the 1EdTech Registry a data store or app catalog?

No, 1EdTech is not an “app store” where products can be purchased. Products are still licensed through the normal manner between a product supplier and institution. 1EdTech provides a trusted, curated catalog of IMS certified products. In addition 1EdTech allows institutions to prepare their data for successful implementations through tools and processes that enable them to compare and validate their data with the requirements of the products in the catalog.

Who’s leading 1EdTech?  What commitment are they making?

1EdTech is being led by the IMS Global Learning Consortium, the world’s leading standard-setting organization for educational technology. IMS Global has grown from 50 member organizations in 2006 to over 500. The development of the 1EdTech service is funded directly by IMS Global and a set of corporate and philanthropic sponsors who would like to see acceleration of the standards-based educational technology ecosystem. Sponsors participate in advisory groups (executive and technical) that provide advice and support to IMS on the project.

Is 1EdTech a competitor to existing products or services?

No. 1EdTech does not take the place of any existing products or services and is designed to work along with existing standards-based software of all types.  1EdTech is purely a service to encourage and assist collaboration among school districts and suppliers to take full advantage of standards-based integrations that ensure that products can connect using the open standards, taking into account potential variability in the integration features offered across products.   

Are All IMS Members Currently Involved in 1EdTech?

All IMS member organizations can request to participate in 1EdTech. Organizations that use the rostering portion of the OneRoster v1.1 specification will benefit the most from 1EdTech as this is the primary focus of the tool at this time.

What is the cost for access to the 1EdTech service?

The 1EdTech service is available free of charge to all IMS institutional member organizations.